Beneficios de dormir con sábanas de lino

Benefits of sleeping with linen sheets

There are multiple benefits when you sleep with linen sheets and that is because linen is a textile fiber that more and more people use. The bedding is what surrounds us every night and will make the difference between sleeping well or badly. This fabric has multiple properties that positively affect your rest... Do you know the benefits of sleeping with linen bedding?

Linen has a higher durability

If you are thinking of investing in quality sheets for your bed, you should assess the advantages and disadvantages of each fabric that you can currently find on the market. Without a doubt, linen is one of our favorites for its greater durability (compared to cotton) and resistance to the passage of time. In other words, you are buying a quality fabric that will last you many years.

The temperature of the room is important, but also that of your body

One of the most important aspects for a good night's rest, and where experts place a lot of emphasis, is on maintaining the correct temperature in the bedroom, as demonstrated by a investigation carried out by the University Research Center Tohoku Fukushi in Japan, which concluded that "thermal environment is one of the most important factors that can affect sleep". Both higher and lower degrees can increase wakefulness and decrease the time spent in different sleep phases.

Although the ambient temperature is important, we should not forget the degrees at which our body is maintained; For this reason, it is essential to examine the sheets with which we sleep.

In this sense, linen has a quality called hygroscopic which means that the sheets are cool in summer and warm in winter. At dE.LENZO we have duvet covers and linen sheets of different weights depending on your preferences at bedtime:

  • 170gr/m2 ideal for summer due to its finer weight
  • 190gr/m2 if you are not one of those who gets very cold during the winter, this weight is perfect for you
  • 234gr/m2 our marine sheets have this weight, ideal for areas of Spain where it is colder or houses that are not well conditioned at night.

You will have to assess which are the most suitable sheets for your rest.

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