Cama para bebé, 5 tips a tener en cuenta

Baby bed, 5 tips to keep in mind

The baby bed is a key piece in the development of your little one. This is a very important element, especially for your rest, so, depending on the bedding accessories we select, we can help you enjoy a restful sleep in the best conditions.

At dE.LENZO we want the best for the little ones, so we have brought you 5 tips that you should take into account when choosing a bed for your baby. Check them out here!

Crib bed for baby, an adaptable mattress and pillow

To start preparing the crib bed for the baby, the main thing is to make a mattress and a pillow that allow proper adaptability. Thus, in the case of the mattress, it must be chosen based on the weight of the baby to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible and thus maintain a good posture for the back. Something similar happens with the pillow, it is important that it protect the neck area well and keep your head correctly accommodated to promote a deep sleep. Take note!

Ideal baby bedding for any season of the year

When choosing baby bedding , we cannot overlook some sets of sheets made from 100% linen to offer maximum softness.

This material is indicated for babies due to its texture and multiple properties . It is a fabric that will respect your skin, will remain free of moisture and will help to achieve a suitable body temperature at all times thanks to its breathability. In our catalog you will find sets of plain and patterned sheets such as the Colette Crib Sheet Set . Find out!

The best crib quilts for baby beds

Since babies spend most of the day sleeping, it's important to make sure they sleep at the right temperature, especially in winter . For this reason, we recommend the 100% Merino Wool Quilt that regulates body temperature, preventing sweating and, in addition, repels moisture and does not retain odors or bacteria. Everything you need!

Breathable blankets for heat, baby bedding that you cannot miss

To guarantee a quality rest in summer , it is best to use baby bed blankets that help to fall asleep soundly and, in addition, to prevent our little one from sweating. Blankets such as the 100% Linen Mini Crib Blanket will absorb moisture and respect the skin of the little ones , avoiding irritation. It is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin! Don't overlook it!

Advantages of using linen baby bedding

Using linen for baby bedding offers many advantages! As we have already mentioned, it is a highly absorbent fabric that favors continued breathability. But that is not all!

It is also a very resistant material, thus, it will ensure that you can wash and use it frequently without worries. They are all advantages!

At dE.LENZO you will find baby bedding of the best possible quality. Discover it on the web!

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