¡Cinco tendencias clave en decoración OTOÑO 2021!

Five key trends in decoration FALL 2021!

Autumn has just arrived, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping by the minute. We start to spend more time inside our house, we dust our blankets and hot teas are more important than ever. Just as we adapt to the new season, so must our home...At dE.LENZO we are aware that we cannot change furniture as much as we would like, but we are attentive to details. ..

Mix different fabrics and textures

Did you know that linen is one of the fabrics that remains a decoration trend for this fall 2021? Decoration and interior design professionals continue to be passionate about this natural fiber and, to adapt it, what they do is mix linen with much warmer textures and fabrics such as merino wool, bouclé wool or decorative elements made from noble woods.

If you have linen sheets on your bed, try adding a merino wool blanket that's soft, warm and cozy and you'll see how your bedroom changes.

lino como tendencia para otoño

tendencias deco 2021

Japandi as a decoration style

Last year we talked about the importance of hygge in the home. This fall we will hear a lot about JAPANDI, a decoration trend that mixes the best of Scandinavian styles and Japanese Zen.

We agree that our house is our temple, our sanctuary, right? The Japandi decoration style aims to achieve a relaxed and warm atmosphere thanks to the use of light woods that have not been worked with much, as well as natural materials in neutral colours. What we like most about this new decorative style is the importance given to craftsmanship and natural elements.

The Japandi advocates simplicity and simplicity in spaces. The key to this minimalism are neutral colors. The bases in beige, white or gray are the winners and, if you want to add a touch of color to the room, add green with a vine, a ficus... They are everything your rooms need to color themselves. Do not forget that here quality prevails over quantity, we are not looking for a jungle corner, but a single plant that stands out among all the decoration without leaving simplicity.

tendencia decorativa japandi

Velvet makes a comeback

In all the interior decoration magazines we are seeing velvet as a trend for autumn 2021. This fabric combines very well not only with natural materials such as rattan or wood but also with leather. If you like velvet, you can add it to your rooms with decorative cushions or you have the option of upholstering an armchair or headboard.

Velvet is a symbol of elegance as well as being a warm fabric for autumn that, thanks to its texture, helps to recreate a space that is more cozy.

A new trend: LINE ART

It is one of the most popular decoration trends this fall 2021 and it triumphs among the most adventurous millennials in decoration. It receives the name of Line Art and it is an artistic style inspired by painters such as Picasso or Matisse. Did you know that this artistic trend was very fashionable in the 50s and 60s? If you have a house with a more modern or minimalist design, this type of art is for you... You will love its effect! Place simple frames that are suitable for this type of illustration, you can find a lot of variety in stores.

tendencia decorativa line art

Gold is back again

In the form of enamel, the color gold has become an ally of the most autumnal decoration. Enamel is made from glass powder which, at very high temperatures, turns into a liquid used for coatings.

It is a resistant material against chafing and various scratches...It is perfect for houses where animals and children live because it is practically indestructible... you can be a little calmer... Your decorative pieces will always be intact!

We hope you liked this post a lot, see you soon!

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