Las claves para preparar bien la mesa

Tips for setting the table well

Setting the table well is considered an important gesture when receiving guests to eat, since it reflects the value and care taken with food and dinner guests. It is a way of showing that they are welcome and of setting the tone of the meeting, which can be formal or informal.
Plus, by making sure everything is in place and guests are comfortable, you deliver an unforgettable experience. Although nowadays it tends to be more informal, it is important not to forget the rules of proper table setting as every culture has its own protocols. Setting the table well also implies a certain order in the way we relate to each other and reminds us of the existence of a code of social interaction at mealtimes. For this reason, at Delenzo we recommend you remember the following rules to always set the table in the right way. Keep reading!

Ideas for setting the table: essential elements

The decoration of a table is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere suitable for any occasion. It is important to take into account some essential aspects when decorating the table, such as the set of glasses, cutlery, decorative elements and crockery.
First of all, it is advisable to use glasses from the same set to maintain a coherent style at the table.
In addition, it is important to order them correctly, taking into account the size of each one and placing them from left to right, from largest to smallest.
As for the cutlery, it is essential to place it correctly, with the fork on the left and the knife on the right. If we are going to eat several dishes, it is important to order them in order of use, from the outside in, and always place the dessert cutlery on top of the plate.
As for the decorative elements , it is advisable to use natural elements such as flowers, plants and wood, and combine them with other elements such as coasters or napkin rings.
Finally, the crockery is the key element of a good table . It is essential to choose aesthetic and practical tableware, made with thermally and mechanically resistant materials. In addition, it is important to know how to care for the dishes correctly to avoid scratches, bumps and dirt.

How to prepare a table if dinner is a buffet?

For a formal dinner or event, it is essential to have a suitable table structure . A support table is essential, since it is where the guests can serve themselves the plates, cutlery and napkins. It is important to cover this table with a clean and ironed tablecloth .
The presentation of the food is also essential, each plate must have its own cutlery and it is advisable to place them at different heights to facilitate their service. It is important to have an additional table for glasses and drinks, there should always be natural and sparkling water available.

Other considerations when preparing the table

It is important to choose a color palette for the decoration of the table . You can choose a tablecloth and tableware that complement that color palette. It is advisable to choose a cream or white background so as not to make mistakes.
Lately it is common to combine different collections of tableware , it is not necessary that they be of the same tone. On the other hand, place a bread plate on the left and pay attention to the cutlery, dark and golden ones are recommended.
The dishes can also be served from the kitchen or presented on a flat plate in front of each guest; a floral detail can be added to bring personality and warmth to the table.
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