¡Combina tus sábanas de lino con nuestros tips!

Combine your linen sheets with our tips!

A good way to see your bedroom with a different look is by combining your linen sheets. The bed is the space where you spend the most time of your life... Did you know? In addition, the bed is the largest element that occupies the most space in the bedroom. By changing the sheets, you can see the whole space in a different way... Keep reading and follow our advice dE.LENZO!

Quality sheets versus quantity

To achieve a unique style it is necessary to have some quality sheets that are basic and timeless. It is useless for you to make the best combinations if the sheets look old, worn or of poor quality... it usually happens with sheets that are synthetic. If you buy good quality sheets, your bed will not only look much more stylish and elegant, but your bedding will last a long time in optimal conditions.

When we think of the best sheets to invest in, the only thing that comes to mind is linen sheets. Linen is one of the most natural and sustainable fabrics in existence and, if we think of its many properties, there is no other fabric that can unseat it from the winning spot. It is true that the cotton fabric is widely used due to its low price but, in our opinion, linen wins the game.

Benefits of natural linen sheets compared to other materials

  • It is a hypoallergenic fabric. Suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive. Also for people with allergies and skin problems.
  • Thermo regulates the temperature. It is ideal for both summer and winter! We love that, since you will be investing in sheets that are suitable for the whole year.
  • Sleeping with linen sheets improves the quality of sleep.

Unlike what many people might think, linen is a SUPER EASY fabric to maintain. You can wash it without problems at 30 degrees or 40 degrees and use a dryer if you feel like it... and, do you know what is the best? Washed linen does not need to be ironed.

Mix colored linen sheets and you'll be right!

It happens that when we have a set of sheets of the same color, we can end up getting bored. When the goal is to give our bedroom a different look, a good tip is to mix different colors or patterns. What do you think of the sailor model with sheets in solid colors? Just by mixing a design with a solid color, your bedroom can change completely. You can put plain pillowcases in combination with the sailor ones or, just a plain bottom sheet... That's up to taste!

Tip: If you like your bed to be all printed, choose to place a plaid or a blanket in a solid color at the foot.

In our opinion, the most important thing is that if you have a chosen color palette for your bedroom or space to decorate, you stick to it. Choose the same tone and play with making combinations with other textiles, for example, with linen curtains, washed linen cushions or even with the bedspread.

Trend in bedroom decoration: neutral colors

Another summer, the neutral trend is reflected in many spaces. In our annual visit to Casa Decor, we were able to see how interior designers such as Raúl Martins or Sofía Oliva opted for neutrality and the use of more sustainable decorative elements, made of natural fibers.

White or natural linen bedding transmits a sense of peace, serenity and harmony but, sometimes it is fun to give a little color to the spaces and mix textures of different types.To a set of white linen sheets you can always add some striped pillowcases in light tones like the Mikonos

We have commented that the mixture of textures creates a more fun and different space. Last winter we launched our new 100% merino wool blankets on the web and we have seen that it has worked very well in combination with linen, many of our customers are delighted with this mix. Linen is a grateful fabric and it complements very well with different textures...It is very good to mix&match with them, try it!

Have you just not been convinced by the idea of ​​mixing patterns or textures other than linen? Nothing happens, we have a solution that we believe will fit you.

Use non-textile decorative elements

To decorate a bedroom without using textiles, the ideal is to resort to special pieces that shelter the room and at the same time make it more special. What do you think of that piece of pottery you bought on your last trip? And a painted vase of fresh flowers?

To see the room with a different air, try to hang a painting that you like... Don't be afraid to fill the walls! Sometimes... you feel like it.

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