Dormir sin almohada, ¿Una buena idea para sobrellevar el calor?

Sleeping without a pillow, a good idea to cope with the heat?

With the arrival of high temperatures, more and more people decide to sleep without a pillow to avoid heat while they sleep. Despite being a fairly common practice, is it really beneficial for your health or are there other ways to cope with the heat?

Many things can be said about pillows and rest, which is why at dE.LENZO we have prepared this post to talk about all of them. Get all the information here! Continue reading!

Is it really good to sleep without a pillow?

The truth is that no, it is not good to sleep without a pillow , especially for the cervical and spine areas that benefit the most from this supplement for rest.

The pillow has a crucial function, which is to maintain the natural position of the spine while sleeping, in order to avoid possible ailments . In this way, it becomes the most essential element of the rest team , although, for many, it may be dispensable when it comes to avoiding the heat in summer. Keep that in mind!

Sleeping with or without a pillow, how to sleep well in summer

Sleeping with a pillow and without getting hot in summer is now possible. To achieve a proper rest despite the high temperatures, the important thing is to know what accessories can help keep you cool throughout the night.

That is where linen bedding comes in, it is a really soft and comfortable fabric that also offers great breathability and moisture management. So, if you are looking for a set of sheets for this season, we recommend the Rustic Natural Linen Complete Set that will offer you everything you are looking for. Has it all!

When is it better to sleep with a pillow or without a pillow?

It is not good to sleep without a pillow in any case , in fact, there is no benefit for the simple fact of doing without it at night. The pillow is the great ally to provide an optimal rest, and, if you know how to equip it in summer , it will become an essential element.

For this, all you will need is a linen pillowcase that offers you softness, breathability and an ideal temperature at all times. We encourage you to bet on light colors such as the White Pillowcases or the Ice White Pillowcase which, in addition to being a plus for decoration, will prevent heat from concentrating in your resting place. Take note!

Sleeping with or without a pillow, the keys to getting a good rest

Is it possible to sleep well in summer? Of course! If you have already equipped your resting place with the best materials, keep the room cool . To do this, it is advisable to lower the blinds during the hottest hours and use linen curtains that insulate from heat, our favorite is the Linen dE.LENZO Blue Curtain in the purest Mediterranean style . Find out!

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