El lino, un tejido antibacteriano y fungicida

Linen, an antibacterial and fungicidal fabric

Did you know that linen is an antibacterial and fungicidal fabric? Thas the ability to eliminate the activity of pathogenic microflora (which causes infectious diseases) This is one of the many properties that this wonderful textile has and we would like to expand this statement further as well as give you some recommendations for washed. (see delenzo washed linen)

Textiles can be easily colonized by microbes and microorganisms and we do not realize it. These are carriers of odor-causing bacteria as well as mold and mildew. Most of the time it is caused by sweat, humidity and poor breathability of the fabric. One of the properties that is linked to "antibacterial and fungicidal" is that it is capable of absorbing 20% ​​of the moisture of its dry weight, while cotton contemplates 8.5%; this is one of the reasons why linen is much more hygienic.

Who is recommended to use linen bedding?

We recommend linen for anyone because it has been shown that sleeping with linen sheets is very good for your health, produces greater well-being in addition to having a much better quality of sleep... And why is this? Contrary to synthetic fabrics, linen releases negative ions recognized for their healing effect and ability to promote the human body's own defenses. It has been shown that fabrics made with natural fibers improve the quality of life of those who use them.

Linen has multiple properties that, without realizing it, will bring us sensations and very positive benefits for our skin, body and health. It is recommended for anyone of any age (especially for babies, the elderly and people with atopic and allergic skin)

Without a doubt, there is no more hygienic fabric than linen for bedding, since it is ideal for the skin, does not irritate and does not cause any type of allergy.In fact, studies have shown that sleeping with linen sheets is very healthy, it produces greater well-being and a deeper sleep since linen fabrics, unlike synthetic ones, give off negative ions recognized for their healing effect and their ability to enhance our biological defenses. It has been shown that fabrics made from natural fibers clearly improve our quality of life.

How can I wash my linen sheets for extra cleanliness?

Since we opened our online store , we have always indicated that washing should be done at a maximum of 40 degrees due to the danger of discoloration of the fabric. In addition, if you wash this fabric very frequently at a very high temperature, you could damage the fiber and the piece would not last in as good condition as when you bought it.

For WHITE linen sheets you can wash at 60 degrees without any problem, since they are white (that is, neutral) you will not have any problems. Remember to wash them alone or with some towels but also white. If you have our linen sheets in another color, can you wash at a maximum of 60 degrees? We have always recommended that it not be done because the original color of the linen can be lost with such hot water washes, but if you have the need to do it... GO! The sheets will not get any smaller, but they may lose their color a bit.

Take care of yourselves! A hug,

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