Christmas Gift Ideas That Won't Break Your Budget

Nov 18, 2019Ines Reig Llorens
We give you some ideas of ideal pieces to place under the tree this Christmas #gifthandmade
Ideas de regalo navideño que no romperán tu presupuesto

Time passes quickly and we are approaching the Christmas dates and, although there are still days left, we do not want to miss the opportunity to give you some Christmas gift ideas that will not break your budget. With the change of season, our way of spending changes and nothing surprises us! From dE.LENZO we encourage you to consume responsibly this Christmas, it is a good idea to give away unique and handmade products, which have an environmentally responsible production.

Gifts for less than €50

An excellent gift for food lovers, are the placemats with napkins perfect for more casual breakfasts, lunches or dinners, those a little more quick and easy, where you won't need to put a nice tablecloth so that the table looks IDEAL
Another gift option for Christmas is bath towels. If what you like is color and you want to give your bathroom a fun touch, the waffle towels are ideal (Set of 2: small 30x30cm + medium 45x65cm) you can choose them in white, black, pink, light gray and dark grey... What is your favorite color for towels?

Gifts for less than €100

If you're willing to spend a little more for that special someone, you might consider gifting a complete set of bath towels. For Christmas orders, along with the bath towels, we give away a handmade soap from ALEPPO Letizia Buzón, made on the Syrian-Turkish border by expert soapmakers, Syrian refugees.
Details of the soap from Aleppo:
  • It is made with 40% laurel oil, olive oil, caustic soda and water.
  • Olive oil nourishes and softens the skin while laurel oil acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Helps with skin problems and regulates facial fat
  • Cleanses the scalp, eliminating dandruff and soothes itching
  • Use it for body, shaving soap or as a shampoo

We are sure that your gift package will look perfect under the Christmas tree! In addition to the set of towels, you can consider giving away a tablecloth made with 100% washed linen and tailored by hand...It's perfect for someone who has just moved house or for lovers of good food!
Another gift idea is the 100% linen blankets... We think it's a perfect gift for the dates in which we are since, winter has come early and we need extra comfort at home. Bet on blankets as the ideal Christmas gift...

Gifts for more than €100

The best gift that can exist? The perfect night's sleep. Our 100% washed linen bedding has been pre-treated for maximum softness plus linen is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber perfect for respect all skin types. In winter there is nothing better than a good bath, a good fire, a cup of hot tea and a night wrapped in soft linen sheets.... What more could you ask for? If you are determined to give that person a dream night, you will not regret it.
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How will we deliver your order

Most of our linen bedding and custom table linen products are made to measure for you, so we don't want to be caught by the bull with the Christmas. Our recommendation is that if you already know what the perfect gift is going to be, place an order through the website or write to us at

Once we have your pieces made and ready to be shipped, we will wrap them in plastic-free packaging along with an explanatory note (We tell you about our linen care ritual and much more!) and if you buy our bath towels, we will include the ALEPO SOAP for free

This Christmas #gifthandmade!