Cómo lavar tu mascarilla higiénica de lino paso a paso

How to wash your hygienic linen mask step by step

There are many questions you ask us about reusable hygienic masks. One of them is how to wash the mask and, of course, in this post we want to explain step by step...Easy, fast and super hygienic! Don't miss the new post by dE.LENZO!

First of all we want to answer one of the questions that we are asked most frequently:

1.How are reusable hygienic masks different from non-reusable ones?

Non-reusable masks are designed to be used only once (as they are not designed to be washed or sanitized). Reusable masks are designed so that they can be washed or sanitized without deteriorating, so that they can be used several times.

This implies that reusable masks must be made of materials that are washable or can be sanitized, maintaining their performance within the acceptance criteria at all times.

Benefits of reusable hygienic linen masks

A year ago the pandemic began and we hardly had any information on hygienic masks, the only thing we knew was that Asians use them when they are sick to go outside. Nowadays we can already find all kinds of masks on the market : colored, printed, with rubber bands on the ears, with rubber bands on the head... and we have become accustomed to wearing them since others do too do (when someone does not wear it, it seems strange to us).

Reusable hygienic masks have a new regulation published where the concept of hygienic mask is limited. From now on, for the mask to be marketed as hygienic, it will have to be tested in accredited laboratories that certify these characteristics. Not just any brand can market hygienic masks but they have to be tested by laboratories before being sold to the consumer. You can read more about the new regulations here.

The linen masks by dE.LENZO

All the sanitary products that we sell on our website have been previously tested in one of the best textile laboratories in Spain: AITEX, which curiously is located in our city. At dE.LENZO we have always considered it important to keep those who visit our website and want to know more about reusable linen hygienic masks informed, which is why transparency has been and is our premise. You can find the results obtained by our linen mask in the same product sheet, as well as all the information about sizes and care.

Reusable linen masks and their benefits

Next, we tell you about the benefits of our reusable hygienic linen masks:

✔️You have two types of linen masks available on the web to choose from. On the one hand, a reusable hygienic mask, closed with a bidirectional protection filter included that you will not have to change at any time, reusable 30 washes. On the other hand, a linen cover for filters with rubber to ear that you can regulate thanks to a little ball, so the rubber will not squeeze you. This cover will last as long as you take care of it, since the only thing you will have to replace are the filters.

✔️The filters that we sell at dE.LENZO are tested and meet the BFE% and breathability requirements.One of the benefits of wearing our filters is that they offer bidirectional protection, that is, they protect you and protect others (BEWARE when you wear surgical masks rather known as the blue ones, you only protect others but if another person is infected you are not protected)

✔️Our reusable hygienic masks have obtained a very satisfactory breathability result, which makes breathing very pleasant and not overwhelming. In addition, we ensure that the materials that are in contact with the user's skin do not present any known risk of irritation or adverse health effects. In addition to all the benefits that linen has for the skin, the fabric has Standard100 certification by OEKOTEX

✔️Linen masks have a clear advantage for your skin. Linen is a fabric recommended for people with atopic, sensitive skin or even for people with allergies. Forget the hateful pimples and say goodbye to itching with our masks!

✔️Quick drying. After washing the linen, you should know that it dries very quickly and you can put the mask back on right away. This also prevents moisture from being retained in the mask itself.

2. Steps to wash your hygienic linen mask

Washing a hygienic linen mask is very simple. Our design masks accept washing up to 60 degrees in the washing machine. We at home do not usually put washing machines at 60 degrees practically never, we wash the sheets at 30 degrees or at most 40 degrees. We are going to explain to you how we wash the masks in an easy and fast way!

✔️The first thing we recommend is that you have 2 masks for weekly use and to sanitize them as much as possible and keep them clean you should wash them every day. It's always good to have a spare for when the other is in the wash.

✔️When you go to wash the mask after use, fill a basin with hot water, you can heat water in a saucepan...don't let it boil too long or it will rise above 60 degrees. Once you have it, add a cap of detergent (make sure it does not have bleach or is abrasive). Then put the mask in the basin.

✔️Once you have put the linen mask in the basin, wash it by hand and then leave it in the water until it cools down.

✔️Rinse and dry in the sun (this disinfects much more), outdoors.

The washing of reusable masks according to Health

Next, we indicate the methods recommended by the Ministry of Health:

1. Washing and disinfection of the masks with normal detergent and water at a temperature between 60º-90º (normal washing machine cycle)

2. Immerse the masks in a 1:50 bleach dilution with warm water for 30 minutes. Then wash with soap and water and rinse well to remove any traces of bleach and leave to dry.

3. Due to the special circumstances of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and the urgency of having disinfectant products with virucidal activity for the disinfection of reusable hygienic masks, it has been established that any of the virucidal products can be used for this purpose. authorized by the Ministry of Health for PT2 (environmental use)1 , that have passed the Norm 14476 of virucidal activity and that are registered for use by the general public (these products that are authorized in their instructions for use for surfaces, may used for the disinfection of reusable hygienic masks).Its use will be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, paying special attention to the use of the product diluted or not and to the contact times necessary for the disinfectant activity. Once the masks have been disinfected, they will be washed with plenty of soap and water to remove any chemical residue and they will be left to dry.

How many washes do our linen masks allow?

As we mentioned before, depending on the type of mask you can wash it more or less times.

Reusable hygienic mask 30 washes: This is the linen mask that has the filter included inside and you don't need to change it. It is a closed mask with bidirectional protection.

    Cover with filter slot: If you use our filters, you can wash them 10 times each (the minimum package we offer is 5 units) and what is the linen cover you can wash it as many times as you want, without any problem.

      It is very important to maintain good mask hygiene and wash hygienic masks at least every day. You don't know about fungi and bacteria that grow due to the humidity that forms in the fabric due to our breathing... of course, but how can we not see it! Truth? María García Alonso affirms after an analysis that a mask used for only a few hours has staphylococci, streptococci and some bacteria that she does not even know what it is.... when watching her videos, there is no doubt that hygiene is the MOST important thing for your hygienic mask.

      What determines the number of washes?

      In relation to compliance with certain technical specifications of the product based on a standard, such as bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), and breathability (Differential Pressure), (Pa/cm2), these tests must have been certified by a laboratory based on the technical specifications UNE-EN 14683:2019+AC:2019, or another equivalent. If a maximum period of use or period of continued use is claimed, this must be substantiated.

      The ministerial order states the following:

      "If it is a reusable hygienic mask, the manufacturer must ensure that it maintains its properties after said washing or sanitizing. To do this, the properties should be verified and contrasted through tests according to the maximum number of washings indicated in its tagged"

      And thanks to the tests carried out by AITEX, we can confirm that our linen masks maintain their properties at the values ​​indicated on the website and in the instructions for use (we always send them together with the mask) for up to 30 washes, after those washes, the % of protection is reduced. When AITEX tests the mask, it tests it from its first use (new) until the last use of its useful life (after the maximum number of washes), it must be verified that all requirements are met and all tests are carried out twice : once before (new) and again after the maximum number of washing cycles, and using the same washing method that will later be put in the instructions on the product label.

      At dE.LENZO we hope to have been of help and interest to you! Do not stay without visiting us!

      3. Can I iron my linen reusable hygienic mask?

      There are many reusable hygienic masks on the market that are made of different fabrics that you can or cannot iron; Specifically, the linen mask is easily washable and can also be ironed without any problem. Nowadays, in irons we can find ironing options for linen or other delicate garments.

      It is proven that the iron helps disinfection, as stated Eduard Puig, a researcher at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IRB), the heat produced by ironing "helps eliminate viruses that may remain on clothes". The steam emitted by irons also helps.

      From dE.LENZO we hope to have been of help to you. As you can see, we have the best solutions to create a bedroom that is as original as it is functional and comfortable. Do not stay without visiting us!

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