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How often to wash bedding in summer?

How often do you usually wash bedding in summer? Knowing how often to wash the sheets is very important since it is the best way to control mites and other microorganisms that can harm both your health and your rest.

For this reason, in summer, it is recommended to increase the frequency of washing, in order to guarantee correct maintenance. At dE.LENZO we have come to give you the necessary advice to enjoy sparkling bedding. Know all the information in the following post!

It's time to wash the summer bedding

In general, in winter it is recommended to wash the sheets at least once a week. However, in summer it is a time when this frequency must be increased , due to sweat, allergies, the presence of bacteria and many other factors.

In this way, it would be best to wash your bedding at least twice a week to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms in the sheets. To make this much easier, we recommend having several sets of sheets on hand and clean to use at any time. Take note!

Why it is important to frequently wash summer bedding

During the night mites and bacteria accumulate that can prevent you from resting properly. Added to this is the fact that allergies, diseases or skin problems such as acne or dermatitis can develop as a result of poor hygiene.

If you want to prevent this from happening, it is best to establish a correct washing frequency , as well as letting the sheets air out every morning and ventilating the bedroom to prevent bacteria from settling in your resting place. Don't overlook it!

Bedding for the summer of linen and how to maintain it

Linen is one of the best materials for bedding , especially in summer as it offers great breathability , preventing both the accumulation of bacteria and mites. As if that were not enough, it helps to maintain a correct temperature at all times, which will directly benefit your rest. They are all advantages!

If you don't already have a set of linen sheets, don't worry! We recommend the Rustic Natural Linen Complete Set and the Blue Linen Complete Set to always have the best bedding available.

Tricks to properly wash linen bedding in summer

In addition to taking into account the indications on the manufacturing label , the ideal is to wash the bedding at the appropriate temperature , in which case the best thing would be a 40º program to eliminate the highest percentage of bacteria possible. Very important!

At dE.LENZO you will find the best bedding sets for this summer. Get them now!

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