Nuevas mantas 100% lana merino

New 100% merino wool blankets

Human beings tend to want what they do not have, when it is winter we want summer to arrive and when we are in those warm months, we are looking forward to slightly lower temperatures.

Hasn't the year gone by for you? To tell the truth, I am one of those human beings that I have told you about in the previous paragraph, that type of person who when mid-August arrives is thinking about putting on her favorite sweater and drinking tea while gazing at the fire in the fireplace. . Professionally, I like the arrival of September, it is the month of new beginnings, of launching new ideas and of carrying out those projects that I had saved in the inkwell. Whenever at dE.LENZO we do something new, we add linens in new colors or we think of different products, it is because behind it there are feelings and emotions that move us inside, otherwise we would not do anything. We are passionate about each piece that you see on our website, we believe in it and we are sure that you too, that's why we share them with you... But first, I want to share my thoughts because maybe they can give you a clue about the new product what are we going to launch....

I have to share my thoughts: Thoughts that come to my head because I can't wait for them to come true and to be able to photograph them. I can't stop imagining our wool blankets, so thick and warm in that little house at the top of the Aragonese Pyrenees, it's the typical mountain house where both the walls and the floor are made of wood... it's snowing and it does so with such force that we can hardly leave the house without snow covering our knees. There is a window, not very big but not small either, and it has a bench where you can sit and contemplate the white of the mountains...our woolen blanket wraps everything and in your hand, a hot tea and silence....Do you think that the fact of snowing has a sound?.....The fireplace is lit and the noise of the logs creaking as they burn is confused with the blocks of snow that break on the roof.Maybe one winter day, make a photo of that image that I now have in my head and when you see it, you will remember this text that you are now reading.

Now, I want to write about something very special, a new product that we have just added to our website and that, like me, I think you will fall in love with and they are the 100% wool blankets merino. At dE.LENZO, we pay constant homage to nature and, as you know, we only work with linen, one of the best natural fibers par excellence... So, how do you do merino wool now? We only break the pattern with another natural fiber that harmoniously accompanies linen in winter times and this is wool. It is a fact, the natural is in fashion and there is a trend towards the rural, everything that is rustic....there is a tendency to escape and find pieces that will take care of you both inside and out.

One of the properties of wool that you know for sure is the power it has to keep us warm in winter temperatures due to its insulating power, but did you know that merino wool has multiple properties and that it also goes well with linen?

Properties of merino wool:

    1. Regulates body temperature: Even wet, merino wool continues to maintain body temperature in frigid temperatures.
    2. Antibacterial, does not retain odours: Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to lanolin, a compound similar to wax that prevents the growth of bacteria and bad odour. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash it frequently. The temperature and humidity that is regulated with wool together with lanolin, makes it an excellent anti-mite, perfect for people with allergies.
    3. Repels moisture: Its fibers allow air to circulate, keeping you dry and sweat-free in hot conditions
    4. Natural and biodegradable: A good way to contribute to the planet, as this wool disintegrates in a matter of a few years, serving as fertilizer for the earth.
    5. Soft and light: Merino wool, unlike other wools, does not itch. It is the finest variety of wool that exists. The wide fiber diameter of regular wool sometimes irritates dead skin cells, while merino wool creates the opposite effect (which is why merino wool is much less irritating)

Why combine linen bedding with our 100% merino wool blanket?

Wool and linen share many benefits such as thermoregulation or the fact that they are both biodegradable natural fibres...Did you know that when wool becomes distasteful it releases beneficial nutrients for the earth?

We recommend our linen bedding for both summer and winter, and if you try to get rid of that mental condition that linen is only for summer, you will discover a pleasant sleep whatever the time of year. The option of including a 100% merino linen blanket on your bed or sofa is perfect if you feel cold because it will protect you from the cold, keeping you warm at night.

Which model is recommended for the bed and which for the sofa?

At dE.LENZO we have launched different models of blankets (see more at delenzo): On the one hand we have the Aries blanket model, much more thick, has braided shapes and is available in three colors. This model is perfect for the bed.

On the other hand, Ovis is less thick but no less warm for that. Available in white and raw.

We leave you here the link to the product so you can see more photos of our super merino wool blankets, warm and perfect for the colder days.

100% merino wool blankets woven with ecological materials.

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