Cortinas de lino de colores en varios acabados para barras de todas las medidas.

Get to know our collection of linen curtains for this spring/summer

Spring is coming and we want to see changes at home. Curtains are a decorative element that gives a lot of play. With an affordable investment, you can change the look of any room.
When winter comes we need more light and in summer less, right? You can achieve that with a color change in your linen curtains.
The Peggy linen curtains collection
are perfect for these decoration changes; They have just the right weight so you can see through them and they are not very heavy so changing them will be a moment.
I recommend light colors for Winter/Fall; The natural color, the sand color, even the light gray will give light but at the same time warmth to those cold days where we need to feel more covered.
For the summer; do not hesitate; Always opt for natural fiber curtains. In the Peggy curtain collection you will find curtains in dark gray linen, taupe linen and even olive green linen. As they are dark tones, you will see through them but they will be shaded by the summer sun and will give you a feeling of freshness; like when you lower the blinds a little...
Don't worry about your bars or hitch systems because we can make multiple finishes depending on the type of bar you have; with ties, gathered curtains, hidden rod curtains, or simple to hang with clips.
What size is ideal for a linen curtain?

Sometimes you ask me about the size of the curtains. For the width, the ideal calculation would be double or double + 1 half of the window, door or hole you want to cover. For example; We have a window 1.50 m wide, the ideal curtain would be 3m or 4.5m. Eye! It will also depend on the linen you choose. If it is a thick linen, double the amount would be enough and if it is a fine linen, perhaps double the amount and a little more. But like everything, this depends on taste; There are those who prefer a simple curtain with a more romantic air that is light and drags to the ground and there are those who prefer a good wide curtain with a lot of flight.
About the length; don't let them hang on you too much; 7 to 10cm depending on how high your window is, is enough. Don't forget that flax grows; and 3 centimeters will go down over time.
How do I attach the curtain rod?

Curtain rods must breathe; You have to leave, if you have space, a margin on the right and left of 20 or 25cm. This will help so that when you have them collected, they do not invade the window. From above the window to the bar, more of the same; but in this case it depends on the height you have and the space left from the frame to the ceiling. If the space is very little, consider the option of putting a ceiling rail or even a ceiling bar. IF you have slack, dividing by two is a good option.
The more air you have around the window, the larger your curtain, your window and your space will look.
And we finish with:
How do I wash my linen curtains?

The Peggy, dE.LENZO and Formentera curtains
Without fear! You wash them in the washing machine, with water at 30°C, because what else (unless they have gotten really dirty and you wash them at 40°C) do not give them too much care in the spin cycle so that they do not come out in a mess. pellet And now listen: If you want them to grow; Hang them vertically so they stretch. Otherwise, like a wool sweater, horizontally.
You can hang the Classic and Marrakech linen curtains however you want because they do not stretch.
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