Las mejores sábanas de cama para verano

The best bed sheets for summer

With the arrival of high temperatures, we seek to stay cool at all times: wearing loose and comfortable clothes, sheltering under the shade of a tree or having a cold ice cream but, what about when you go to bed? With the arrival of the heat, what we are looking for is to sleep well, to be able to rest peacefully and not get hot while we sleep. We give you our tips dELENZO for the summer!

Summer bed sheets should be cool

If you want to have a good rest in the hottest months of the year, we advise you to pay special attention to the sheets you use. It is best to use different sheets than the ones you use in winter.... make the change to cooler bed sheets that maintain your body temperature and absorb moisture very well (especially if you are near the coast).

We, of course, recommend the use of linen sheets. Linen sheets are the best option because they are made with natural fibers.

Reasons to buy natural fiber sheets

The sheets made from natural fibers have multiple properties and ensure a deep and quality rest. There are many reasons to choose natural fiber sheets and more specifically linen sheets. Next, we will tell you what are the characteristics of linen bed sheets:

A) They are 100% sustainable: The linen fabric is recyclable and biodegradable from the moment the plant is grown until the moment it is discarded. In addition, the flax plant is very grateful, it hardly needs water and does not need pesticides or herbicides for its survival.

B) Linen sheets are cool: Linen is a great conductor of heat due to the compact and smooth structure of its fibers, without air cells, which together with its high absorbent power, makes it the freshest fabric, ideal for hot nights.

C) It is hygienic and respectful of the skin: Sleeping between linen sheets is beneficial for people with allergies, for babies, for people who have skin sensitivity problems, atopic skin... etc.

D) Linen bedding is soft: It's nice to sleep between soft, non-itchy bed sheets...we can't imagine, added to the heat, some itchy sheets and that they are annoying for the skin.

E) It is a healthy fabric: Did you know that linen gives off negative ions? Unlike synthetic sheets, sheets made with natural fibers prevent headaches, allergies and increase defenses.

Best colors for linen sheets in summer

Each one will have their opinion about which are the best colors for linen sheets in summer, depending on the colors.But what is clear is that what is trending this summer is going for the harmony of neutral colors to get a good rest For summer bedding, earthy colors accompanied by white do not fail. ..combine them with decorative elements made of jute, rattan or wood and you will hit the spot.

If you want to bet on color, we love the blue linen sheets (which remind us of the sea, freshness, water) and the yellow linen sheets (represent the liveliness and color of this season) and if you fancy a pattern, give striped linen sheets a try...the sailor print is always a hit.

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