-Nosotras preguntamos, ellos responden-

-We ask, they answer-

We inaugurate a new section of our home blog called "We ask, they answer" where every month interior designers, decorators and people who inspire us in the use of natural textiles and sustainability will answer questions about style of life, they will give advice on decoration and useful tips to have a much more sustainable home.

In our first interview, the questions are addressed to Javier Escobar, an interior architecture professional who relied on dE.LENZO pieces to give the finishing touch to his Mediterranean Vibes project by Casa Decor 2020.

Pieces used: 100% washed linen cushions Provence model and Olive linen towels

What is your favorite deco trend for this 2021?

I don't have a favorite trend but it is true that every day I see more representation of the artisan world and the elements of nature in decoration and interior design, and as a lover of nature and an artisan, as you can see in all our projects, for me that's the best trend.

What do you recommend for small flats with little light?

The use of neutral and light tones, to achieve a space that gives a feeling of spaciousness and light, and thus achieving a purer and warmer space.

We highlight the importance you give to noble materials and natural fabrics in your spaces. What advantages do you think there are to include these types of elements in a decoration?

Any space that leaves our studio is created entirely with natural and artisan elements, since the natural has the power to transmit warmth and energy, which is impossible to achieve with other types of elements. In addition, the use of these materials provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort, making you feel at home.

If you had to add only one piece of linen to your space, what would it be?

Curtains and bedspreads are my favorite pieces, well actually all the linen pieces...but if I had to decide on one, it would be the curtains, hands down.

We look back to remember your project for CasaDecor2020 "Mediterranean Vibes" where you made use of whitewashed textures for the walls and exquisite flooring. Looking ahead to summer and thinking of people who want to renovate their bathroom, what tips would you give them to get the tiles right?

That they use as many natural elements as possible, but above all that they are quality materials and that they cover the functions really necessary to create a comfortable and practical environment. For coverings, I would advise you to play a lot with neutral colors and different textures.


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