Prepara tu dormitorio para el otoño con dE.LENZO

Prepare your bedroom for autumn with dE.LENZO

The change of season cries out for a change of decoration, that means that the time has come to prepare your bedroom for autumn.

It's time to leave light fabrics behind to welcome the new accessories that will accompany you throughout this season. In this way, at dE.LENZO we want to accompany you in this transition, for this reason, we have compiled some elements that you will need to welcome your autumn room. Find out more in the next post! Keep reading!

Find the best fabrics for your double bedroom at dE.LENZO

Now that you have put the summer bedding in the closet, it is time to start looking for suitable fabrics for this season , don't you think?

In this case, it is necessary to find somewhat thicker fabrics that protect you from the cold, and, above all, that are soft and pleasant at the same time to enjoy the best rest. One of the most used options, and undoubtedly one of the most successful, is linen bedding for autumn. This fabric adapts easily to any season of the year, always guaranteeing maximum comfort.

So, if you are looking for a set of linen sheets for this season , in our online catalog you will find very successful options such as the Natural & White Reversible Linen Complete Set . How about?

Get a warm and comfortable bedroom decoration

Now that fall is here, comfort in the bedroom is even more important . So, if you want a resting place that guarantees maximum comfort and a stylish bedroom, pay attention!

You can achieve both with a single element: the cushions . Place cushions of different sizes and patterns on your bed and create a cozy corner for this fall. In this case, you can also opt for linen cushions to match your set of sheets.

What a good bedroom design should have for this fall

Autumn is synonymous with quilts, blankets and duvet covers , so don't think twice! The time of year has arrived when it is necessary to be prepared for the coldest nights with these bedding accessories, so don't be caught off guard!

If you are looking for something warm for this season, then don't think twice and bet on wool . In our catalog you will find high-quality quilts, duvet covers and blankets made with this fabric. Find out online!

Choose suitable bedroom curtains for this fall

And finally, to put the finishing touch on your autumn bedroom, don't forget the curtains! Once again, bet on fabrics like linen in curtains like the Linen Curtain dE.LENZO Natural for your room. In this way, you will ensure that your room has a suitable temperature for the rest of the year.

Start preparing your bedroom through our website. Visit us!

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