I'm sure by now you're still wondering which mask you need. Masks are here to stay and every day we are more confused about their use.

At dE.LENZO we started making masks very early and we have been attentive to all the news. We use our finest and softest linen to help breathability while still being protected. Many of you ask us what kind of mask you should buy.

Our linen masks have been tested and approved by the Textile Technology Institute; AITEX and comply with the UNE 0065:2020 regulation, meeting the necessary requirements to comply with the values ​​after 10 washestwo.

On June 17, 2020, the CEN; European Committee for Standardization, published a guide of minimum requirements, for the design, production and evaluation of the performance of reusable or non-reusable hygienic masks. The European Commission has identified the urgent need for a harmonized and consistent degree of security. This exceptional decision reflects the commitment and determination of CEN and its members to continue supporting the necessary efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and follows the decision to make available a list of 11 European standards (EN) for devices medical and personal protection equipment used in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to European regulations; Community Face Coverings CWA 17553:2020 where there is talk of 2 levels of acceptance in terms of determining the filtration efficiency for particles of 3 (+/- 0.5) microns; equal to or greater than 90% and equal to or greater than 70%, according to these values, our masks comply with 30 washes. Brussels, June 17, 2020.

The new European regulation arises from the need to homogenize all the regulations that had appeared in recent weeks in various European countries. These rules were sometimes disparate, both in testing methods and in the values ​​that were based and added complexity in the manufacture of Hygienic Masks.

At dE.LENZO we have always wanted to be transparent and serious in our commitment to COVID-19. That is why in the three posts on our blog we have tried to clearly explain where we are and what type of product we are manufacturing.

We share with you part of the publication of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs:

HEALTHY PERSON: Hygienic masks. Reusable or not. That they meet the specifications UNE 0064 (Non-reusable) UNE 0065 (Reusable) or without UNE specifications, that is; They have no tests, no verifications. What's the difference:

Pay special attention to whether the tests and their results are indicated. The number of washes and its composition. See if the protection is bidirectional.
*The mask cannot be turned inside out
*You must not put it in the microwave
*The effectiveness of handmade masks is not guaranteed. They must have essays or verifications.
*If a hygienic mask lacks references to standards or tests, it cannot guarantee a level of protection.
*Adult size is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Only if they are positive for COVID-19 should they use the adult size.
*IF it doesn't fit the nose and chin, it won't work as well as it should.
*NON-REUSABLE masks cannot be washed.
*Follow the washing methods described by the manufacturer.

What reusable hygienic masks can you find on our website?

We offer two types of reusable hygienic masks:

1 Reusable hygienic mask, made of linen with integrated protection system, that is, a closed mask that already has the filter included. They are available in child size, medium adult size (it comes with 100% cotton straps) and large adult size and all of them have balls to better fit them to the head or ears. These masks are approved up to 30 washes . You can wash them at 60 degrees without problems, but you should bear in mind that since they are linen, they will lose their natural fiber and may feel rougher. We recommend ironing at maximum temperature with steam and fabric softener when putting it in the washing machine.

2. Reusable hygienic mask with slot for interchangeable filters. This mask is one size fits all and all have black elastic bands with their little balls so that you can adapt it better. We also offer the filter pack together with the mask. Each pack has 5 filters, washable 10 times each.

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