Regalos sostenibles para San Valentín

Sustainable gifts for Valentine's Day

Sustainable gifts for Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day...many stories revolve around this romantic it an invention of the English Court to sell more, or was it influenced by the Americans...? Does any of this sound familiar to you? Really, it is a day like any other, people who are with a partner and those who are not, do not need a day to tell our loved ones that we miss them or that we love them; neither is it a day to give a gift, the nice thing is to give a gift when the other person does not expect it, on any given day... Don't you think so?

Regardless of that, today we want to write a mini guide to original sustainable gifts, both from our brand and from other brands that we find very interesting and that we recommend 100%. Don't miss out on ideal Valentine's gifts at Delenzo!

Personalized Valentine's gifts for that special day

The personalized gifts are those in which you can include the name of the person, some of her favorite colors or even a drawing that she loves. These types of gifts are called "gifts with a soul" and they are also very original since you cannot find that personalized product anywhere else and, in the end, it is a bit what we want, right? We don't like going to a neighbor's house and seeing that she has the same Zara Home decoration products as you or when you go to a wedding and find that one of the guests is wearing the same dress as you!! !

We always liked this concept. For that reason, when we thought about how to give the brand a soul, we decided to create it under the premise that everything we do is tailor-made for you. The request is not one more, it is an order that bears your name. In addition to this, we opted to add the option of personalized embroideries in order to have a product made with 100% washed linen, more original.

When you finish your order, you can request your personalized embroidery in the "notes" section. Typically, linen pillowcases, linen napkins, tablecloths, placemats, aprons or our dE.BAGS.

Three original gifts for Valentine's Day for men

The eternal question: what can I give my boy? Well, we have several ideas! If your husband or boyfriend likes to cook, you're in luck, because an apron made with 100% linen will delight him as a gift for Valentine's Day or for another special day. At dE.LENZO we have two models: Rustic apron (A more casual style, more of a battle) and then the baqueira apron (More elegant, it's great if you have dinners at home with friends and the one who cooks is you).

When it comes to fashion, we can say that it's easier to know what can fit them...Because most of us fit everything! (ha ha ha) But for men we have a sustainable sweater brand that is one of our favorites. Its name is IAIOS and in addition to being a #madeinspain brand, all its garments are made with recycled yarn that they take from factories. We leave you their website so you can see all their history, which is precious. Amazing Valentine's gifts!

On the other hand, if he is an athletic, adventurous man who likes the countryside and outdoor activities Ternua is the brand you need this February 14th. We would not know which product of all those they have to recommend (they have a lot focused on sports), so we leave you the link to their website.

What do we love about this sustainable brand? They have a healthy relationship with the planet and as they state in their values ​​section: "We are part of associations such as EOCA, ​​the European Outdoor Conservation Association and have been collaborating for more than 20 years with one of the most active entities in the work for the conservation of cetaceans: WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, promoting the protection and survival of these species and raising awareness about them. This is what we have demonstrated since 1994, with the sponsorship of four whales that today have become on the brand's banner: Bat, Half Moon, Navaho and Buckshot, all of whom have been sighted in recent years."

Three original Valentine's gifts for women

If we had to choose a dE.LENZO product to give away on Valentine's Day or another important date for you, it would be our dE.BAG. A 100% sustainable, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable and recyclable shopper bag. The dE.BAG is the result of taking the pattern of the blue IKEA bag (both sizes) and changing the plastic for linen. We wanted all those people who want to be more sustainable with the planet to be. So, now we have launched a bag to carry everything you want, go to the market to buy fruit or go one day with friends to drink beers. NO PLASTIC and JUST as strong. We have 3 different colors and 2 sizes...Do you want it more for day to day? We recommend the size L.

Shopper bag dE.LENZO lino 100%

If you are one of those people who loves to go shopping and also wants to do their bit against #plasticfree, we recommend the VERDONCE bags for fruit or vegetables. We meet Mónica, she is a beautiful person who started making bags for herself because she didn't want to use more plastic when going to the supermarket and now she is selling her sustainable products #madeinspain all over Spain.... BRAVO!

If your wife is passionate about smells and she also likes natural and bar soap, you will accept with La Malva Flor . They make handmade soaps in Spain such as shampoo, body oil, facial oil and much more... They combine some plants, flowers, essential oils to die for... We have tried them and we recommend them 100% for gifts!!

We hope we have shed a little light on great Valentine's gift ideas for your partner.

A hug!

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