dE.LENZO participa en un retiro KM.0

dE.LENZO participates in a KM.0 retreat

While Follow the sun by Xavier Rudd is playing in the workshop, I'm about to write about the participation of dE.LENZO in DARÓ. Now you will ask yourself, what is DARÓ?

1. Conscious and sustainable retirement

Let's start at the beginning: Daró is the name that the Less & Conscious platform has given to its first sustainable and conscious retreat located in Baix Empordà. Less & Conscious is an online platform that gives visibility to sustainable brands to make it easier for people to buy products or services that are in line with their life values.

When María, its founder, proposed us to participate in the retreat, we did not hesitate twice. For us, it was the first time that as a brand we participated in a retreat and the result has been more than satisfactory.

Daró was held in an authentic Mediterranean-style farmhouse in the province of Girona divided into 3 houses; the main house with two living rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and two more little houses on the sides with an independent kitchen, bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. In the garden, the attendees could enjoy rest spaces, a swimming pool and even an orchard.

masia mediterranea en girona

2. What did the retreat consist of?

There were 14 places that were completed by 14 women united by the same values, the same philosophy of life, the desire to change the world we live in for an infinitely better one... women who are heading in the same direction.

The retreat aimed to promote sustainability along with wellness. A sustainable retreat for women looking for a sanctuary to relax, slow down and focus on what really matters. A space of acceptance, to love oneself, others and, of course, the planet we live on.

yoga en el campo

The activities were distributed throughout the weekend, from Friday beginning with the presentations and meditation until Sunday afternoon when, with the circle of women, the retreat concluded. All the workshops were taught by small businesses in the area; from Cooltrun with its botanical dye workshop, through Meer & Fost with its viva cosmetics workshop, to ending with Emporarom and its botanical infusions.

meditación y estilo de vida consciente

3. dE.LENZO is part of the retreat

The organization of Less & Conscious wanted to have our washed linen aprons for the living cosmetics, vegan cheeses, infusions and botanical dyes workshops . We made an apron for each of the participants and each one different from each other, none was repeated. We wanted to personalize it even more so we asked Maria for the initials of each participant to make unique aprons... We thought it was a nice memory of the experience!

retiro sostenible con productos de lino
delantales de lino para talleres

4. The plant-based food of DARÓ

To be active, with energy and mental clarity you need to have a varied diet, a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals, good fats and quality proteins. In DARÓ I did not lack anything, each dish was a delicious delicacy, but don't you think that taste develops more if the sense of sight accompanies it? The food tasted so much better thanks to POMELO CASA's ceramic plates and our rustic-style washed linen table linen... It even matched all the food! For the retreat tables, the Marracheck table linen model was used, combined with napkins of the same model in green or black colors or, matching the tablecloth in terracotta tones.

manteles para desayuno de lino lavado
casa rural mediterranea con muebles naturales
During all the days that the retreat lasted, the organizers worked phenomenally putting and removing tablecloths, they were washed very easily and also, being linen, the drying was ultra fast (even on cloudy days) The participants were delighted because the washed linen tablecloths with such spectacular colours, handmade and with a beautiful drape....THEY DRESS UP ANY TABLE, ANY SPACE.
Thank you Less & Conscious for wanting to have our brand presence.
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