Sábanas de lino: Lo que debes conocer

Linen sheets: What you should know

úImagine that you are somewhere far from the city, in the countryside and you are seeing how the linen sheets hung out dance to the rhythm of the wind while the sun dries their fibers...our linen sheets are rustic, some more than others...and they are stone washed, which means that the linen has been treated to make them softer and smoother.

We are hearing a lot about the RAW trend, a trend that will continue to boom this 2021 and that what comes to lead is the return to the natural, to untreated materials, the return to natural textiles, to the simple but beautiful...Wool blankets, sheet sets or linen duvet covers...all the pieces that carry this textile are in fashion and we are happy about it.

Linen, a vegetable fiber

Flax is obtained from the natural fiber of the flax plant or rather called Linum usitatissimum and in Europe many countries have crops of this plant as well as other large producers such as Canada or Russia.

At dE.LENZO we make sure that the linen is of European origin (there are certificates such as the EUROPEAN FLAX that certifies it) and also that the fabric production process is also made in the EU.

What are the properties of linen?

Linen has multiple properties and if you use it as a home textile, we can assure you that you will obtain benefits for your health and for your pocket. Sleeping with natural fabrics and more specifically with linen sheets is, today, the most recommended for your health and we will tell you the reasons.

  • Linen is an ideal fabric for people who have allergies or sensitive or reactive skin, it will not irritate your skin.
  • It is an ecological fabric since it hardly needs water during its cultivation and neither does it need insecticides or pesticides.
  • Linen is thermoregulatory, that is, it maintains optimal body temperature whatever the season of the year.
  • Thanks to the hollow fibers it has, its drying capacity is much higher than that of other fabrics, for this reason, when you hang linen sheets they dry quickly...have you noticed?
  • The texture of our linen, already soft and smooth (because it is previously stone washed) becomes much more beautiful and soft with the passage of time....Be patient and you will see!
  • It absorbs moisture, therefore, it is highly recommended to use linen sheets for the bed in places where there is a much higher percentage of humidity in the environment, it will keep you dry and consequently, the quality of sleep you will have will be better.
  • YOU WILL FORGET about the iron and that is what we like the most. We always say that if you are a person who is obsessed with wrinkles, it is not recommended that you have linen because you will always have the wrinkle mania. The wrinkle that the linen has is natural, it is a beautiful wrinkle. It is true that linen tends to wrinkle but it is the living form that it has.Later we will tell you how you should hang the sheets so that they are perfect

How do I wash the linen sheets?

We have always heard that linen for bedding is super complicated to care for, that it is difficult to iron and that it is a super delicate fabric... Well, we deny it. Linen sheets are super easy to care for and the fabric is super nice. We explain how to take care of your linen bedding step by step and without difficulties:

  • You can wash them whenever you want but we recommend every week to maintain the hygiene of your sheets.
  • When you go to wash them, as with other fabrics, do not mix colors. Try to have dark colors, light colors and whites in your washing machines.
  • Use a detergent that is made for delicate garments. As for the softener, you can use it to make the sheets smell much better (the fabric traps good odors really well, so it's a joy)
  • In the washing machine, wash cold and with a program that is not too long. You can use the dryer without problems so that the linen stays much softer... You'll see how good it is!
  • If you want to protect the environment, save energy and be more sustainable at home, you can hang the linen but do not expose it to direct sunlight, since the beautiful color that the sheet can have can be lost over time. Lay the sheet flat so there are no unnecessary wrinkles.
  • Fold the sheet and put it away or put it back on the bed.
  • SUPER TIP: If you iron the linen, then put it directly on the bed because if you put it away all the folds will be marked and it will look very bad.

Are linen sheets strong and durable?

The answer is YES. Linen sheets are much stronger than cotton. they are more resistant to holes, breaks... But be careful with snags! They are also more durable, since in the ancient Egyptian they used linen for mummification and for many other uses....Imagine.

And yes, linen bedding is durable, it is said that you could spend your whole life with only 2 linen bedding sets. Keep in mind that the heavier the linen, it means that it is heavier and that the hollow fibers of the fabric are "closer" so to speak.

When you go to buy a set for the bed, look at the grammage. If you have doubts, ask us.

If you're not already using linen sheets, what are you waiting for?

A hug,

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