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¿Cómo lavar las toallas correctamente para cuidar la piel y el pelo?

How to wash towels correctly to care for skin and hair?

Not just any product is suitable for washing the towels we use to dry our skin or hair. These parts of our body are m... more

Ventajas de dormir con una funda nórdica para evitar el frío

Advantages of sleeping with a duvet cover to avoid the cold

We've all snuggled up under our duvet cover on some cold night. It is a place where we shelter from the low temperatu... more

Disfruta de un cálido otoño con una manta de lana en casa

Enjoy a warm autumn with a wool blanket at home

With the arrival of cold, the wool blanket becomes one of the best options to have inside the home, not only because ... more

Este verano apuesta por la decoración mediterránea en tu hogar

This summer bet on Mediterranean decoration in your home

The Mediterranean decoration is characterized by creating warm environments, using furniture with natural finishes, s... more

¿Cada cuánto lavar la ropa de cama en verano?

How often to wash bedding in summer?

How often do you usually wash bedding in summer? Knowing how often to wash the sheets is very important since it is t... more

Te enseñamos a vestir la cama en primavera

We teach you to dress the bed in spring

Do you want to learn how to dress the bed in spring to make your bedroom look elegant? We help you! At dE.LENZO, w... more