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Bedroom decorating tips for cheerful spaces

In this post we are going to give you some decorating tips to turn your bedroom into a much happier space for this spring. From dE.LENZO we will talk about the importance of decorating a bedroom with personal pieces and how we can add cushions to create a more lively space as well as choosing beautiful curtains to create a very natural environment. Keep an eye on us!

The importance of a personal bedroom decoration

We wanted to start this post by talking about the importance of decorating the bedroom with that personal touch that each of us brings to the spaces in our home. The bedroom is a space where you can rest your ideas at night, where you have that little bit of time to read, that moment of yours to do what you like the most.

People often get bored of always seeing the same thing, of the monotony, of the routine; That is why the decoration we have in the room must be original, but it must also allow us to change it when we get bored, in an easy and simple way.

✔️Tip 1: Look for compositions for the room that you, personally, promote visual tranquility, peace and balance. Something as simple as the color of the wall will help you achieve that comfort... bet on light tones and white for an original bedroom decoration.

✔️Tip 2: The off-white bedding is an ideal option to make your bedroom space look larger and more welcoming at the same time. If you want to achieve that effect of warmth with a relaxed atmosphere at the same time, give off-white a try for a comfortable bedroom.

Other tips for personal bedroom decoration

✔️Tip 3: The lighting must be in accordance with the use that you are going to give to the room and it has a great impact on whether a bedroom is cheerful or, on the contrary, very gloomy... Do you plan to read in bed? Is your dressing room integrated into the same space? According to Úrsula Sobenes, lighting specialist: "We have to avoid overhead light that generally illuminates the entire bedroom, because it can be annoying when you're lying in bed"

✔️Tip 4: We love having some personal travel pieces that we have made in the room, on top of the dresser...the classic Russian matryoshka dolls or the Japanese dolls called daruma. What are yours for a more personal bedroom decoration?

The decoration of the bed, the main thing

The bed is the center of attention in a bedroom, it is the piece that occupies the most space and in which we have to pay more attention when decorating it. So, we are going to give you some very specific tips to decorate the room just by playing with the bedding.

✔️When distributing the room, we will put the bed as the main focus. Natalia Zubizarreta, interior designer, recommends us: "I recommend placing it against the widest wall and with the headboard centered on it, because it produces a sense of balance. The first thing is to find the place for the bed and, based on it, organize the rest of elements".

✔️Bedding, for us, is the MOST important thing when planning the decoration of the bed. The sheets are in contact with our skin and are responsible for our quality sleep.If you use sheets made of synthetic materials, they will not allow your skin to breathe and, consequently, more sweating will occur You should look for a bedding option that allows the skin to breathe, that is soft and that is also hygienic, such as the linen bedding.

Linen bedding for sweet dreams

✔️In line with the previous point, linen bedding will NEVER fail you. In general, the weight of linen that is usually sold is not heavy, although you always have the option to choose the weight you want depending on your tastes (At dE.LENZO we have bedding with weights of up to 234gr/m2). What we like most about linen is that it regulates body temperature naturally, for that reason it is ideal for both summer and winter. In addition, linen bedding is ideal for people with sensitive skin, allergies or for babies.

✔️Choose linen bedding as a responsible consumption. They are durable and resistant pieces over the years. Bed linen made with natural fabrics after ten years of use can be in perfect condition, so it will not be necessary to renew them. On the other hand, sheets that are not natural will ask for a renewal after about 3 years.

What colors do we recommend to decorate the bed?

-If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere that transmits peace, go for the white linen sheets, they are a classic, timeless, that does not go out of style and that you will never get tired of seeing on bed. In winter you can add decorative cushions in warmer colors and a plaid in colors like gray to the bed to feel that warmth that we all need in winter.

-If you are looking for a fresher bed decoration, some mint green linen sheets are a good option. If you combine them with other linen pieces and with wood, it will bring a lot of balance to the bedroom.

-Are dark colors a good choice? Of course they are, we love darker colors. The black linen sheets, for example, have a lot of character and evoke an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Something that you will have to value is the space of your bedroom, since the color of the bedding can make it look larger or, on the contrary, much smaller.

Bedroom decoration ideas: linen cushions

Did you know that Pantone has chosen Illuminating yellow as one of the colors of the year? A warm, bright and cheerful color gives intensity to the decoration of your home. The cushions are a decorative element that reinforces any decoration. If you use bedding in neutral or white tones, turn up the temperature with textiles and accessories! Choose colors like mustard or tile...they are a safe bet to combine with neutral colors.

To add linen cushions we give you some tips:

Tip 1: Incorporates washed linen cushions (a linen previously washed to make it that maintains a beautiful natural wrinkle) that does not need ironing...simply wash and put on.

Tip 2: You can combine the pillowcases in different colors or add decorative linen cushions to the front of the bed or... both. The idea is that linen cushions vary in texture, color and shape.We love to combine linen cushions of different sizes, always matching the measurements and color between them

Bed decoration with eye-catching linen color

We have already commented before that Illuminating yellow is one of the color trends for this year 2021 and the combination of it with Ultimate Gray is a sure hit for bed decoration. If you want to use this color with the linen fabric, a very good option is mustard-colored linen, we love it for spring or autumn combined with colors like white (since mustard in itself is a striking color) that will reduce a slightly mustard tone.

What can work really well for you is choosing neutral tones like natural linen and playing with just different shades as a contrast note; that is, if for example you decorate the bed with a natural linen bedding set, choose a single tone to mix it.

On the other hand, green tones are the most relaxing, use them in linen fabrics and you will see that the style becomes much more rustic. You can mix white sheets with a green linen duvet cover as this color strikes a balance between vibrant and relaxing, especially in dustier shades like mint green. Combined with white, it will create a serene environment.

Bedroom decoration with a natural touch

To decorate the bedroom with a more natural touch, we recommend that you include natural fibers and plants.

Plants to decorate a room

Include a tall plant in the bedroom, to gain verticality and a welcoming air. We love to put the plants in baskets made of fibers such as wicker to give them a more decorative air. We also think it's a very good idea to play with the sizes of the plants, you can combine vertical plants with smaller ones...

Did you know that plants in the bedroom improve sleep? Together with linen you already have the perfect combo to get quality sleep. We recommend that, if you want to have plants in the bedroom, they are easy to care for and maintain. We personally love orchids and ferns (because of their easy care).

Say yes to natural fibers

Another way to bring a natural touch to the room is to add natural elements like wood. An antique elm dresser or oak nightstands will complete the look of the bedroom. You can add them in small doses, or on the contrary, opt for a much more complete bedroom look by adding jute or wicker rugs and fiber lamps.

More elements we can include for a natural look?

✔️Some linen curtains with a beautiful drape and natural wrinkles, for us, the most beautiful thing about linen.You can find linen curtains of different weights, that is, with more or less opacity For the bedroom we do not recommend very opaque linen curtains, on the contrary, choose curtains that are medium weight and then if you want total darkness to sleep add some blinds, so you can play with the curtains both day and night.

✔️A simple headboard made of natural fabrics such as rustic linen. An advice? Choose it with removable covers, it is a good option if you want to opt for a fabric headboard. The removable linen headboards can be removed and washed whenever you want. If you get tired, you know that you can always change the color of the headboard whenever you want. The linen headboard is a classic among upholstered headboards because, unlike the tufted one, it gives a more casual and very natural look.

✔️Shades for linen lamps.

From dE.LENZO we hope to have been of help to you. As you can see, we have the best solutions to create a bedroom that is as original as it is functional and comfortable. Don't stay without visiting us!

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