Tips para poner la mesa de forma elegante

Tips to set the table elegantly

It is not easy to assemble an elegant but at the same time simple and stylish table. In today's post we are going to give you some tips to set the table elegantly with high-quality decorative elements and textiles. At dE.LENZO we know what you need!

The importance of how to set the table

How many times have you organized a meal at home and had doubts about how to set a table correctly? Setting the table properly and decorating it well will make the difference between a special meeting and a routine day-to-day meal.

When setting the table we must take into account some basic aspects that we must not forget.

How to set the table with linen tablecloths, the decorative base

If you want to follow a protocol when setting the table, you should use neutral colors if it is a more formal dinner (white is the best option) and more cheerful and trendy colors if you organize a much more informal meeting.

The tablecloth must be made of natural fibers, whether it is a linen tablecloth or another type of fabric. This accessory must be large enough to cover the entire table and also its legs...a small tablecloth or one that is not suitable for that table will not give a good feeling and it will be a bit poor aesthetically speaking.

Tips for decorating with linen tablecloths

To place a tablecloth on the table so that it decorates and looks very nice, you have different options:

✔️You can place a wide tablecloth in white or natural color as a base and then put another one on top that has some special detail such as a two-tone border or, if you dare, place a patterned tablecloth on top or a color that contrasts with the base tablecloth.

✔️Linen tablecloth and table runners, a winning combination. If you don't want a table that looks too set, why not add table runners? What you will get is a much more casual look. you will protect the table much more. As we have commented in the previous point, you can put a more neutral base tablecloth and put table runners in bright colors like our Jaipur model.

✔️Linen tablecloth accompanied by an individual tablecloth for each diner. As always, we apply the same decoration code. Lighter tablecloth base and then we break with the individual tablecloths. You can use placemats made with natural fibers such as rattan or place them under wooden plates, but if you want to get it right, choose a linen placemat like our Formentera or Marracheck models.

✔️Linen fabrics for tablecloths can be very varied, you have linens of different thicknesses, textures and colors that you can choose depending on where you are going to place the tablecloth in this case.If you are going to have a meal in the garden, you may be more interested in putting a much more rustic linen tablecloth like our Menorca tablecloth

How to put cutlery on the table

To have a protocol to dress the table, you don't need fancy cutlery. For the table to look beautiful, the most important thing is that the cutlery and crockery have a good presentation and are well placed. An advice? Shine up your cutlery with a cloth.
What you must remember is that the cutlery is organized according to the order in which it is going to be used, that is, placed from the outside to the inside as we use it. For example, if you serve a salad as a starter, the outer cutlery will have to be used for this dish. It's best to remove them with each course.

How to place cutlery as a presentation at a meal?

  • The knife goes to the right of the plate, with the part that cuts inwards.
  • The spoon goes to the right of the knife, with the concave part facing up.
  • The fork is placed to the left of the plate, with the tips facing up.
  • The cutlery is placed 3 or 4 cm. apart on each side of the plate.
  • The dessert cutlery are placed on the top of the plate, with the handle of the fork to the left and the handle of the spoon towards the right, both with their backs touching the table.
  • When the fork is going to be used in a first course, it can be placed on the right, since it will be used as a spoon.
  • If we put a plate for the bread this plate goes to the left of the glasses, at the top, above the cutlery on the left side.

How to put the napkins on the table

The napkins made of linen or any other fabric will always look much more formal than the paper ones. We bet more on single color linen napkins, we don't like too much napkins with tropical or floral prints. If we have to dress the table with printed linen napkins, we would place the Elisabeth napkins

What trend can we follow when dressing the table with linen tablecloths and napkins? We really like to place the tube-shaped napkin on top of the plate and add some string with a decorative flower or put an original ring on it, for example ceramic with the initials engraved.

What size of napkin to choose to put on the table?

This is a question we get asked a lot. At dE.LENZO we have a certain predilection for large, wide napkins... we think they are super elegant, but it is true that there is a protocol that you can follow.

Depending on the event, you should put some measures of napkins or others; Putting out some linen cocktail napkins is not the same as organizing an aperitif in the garden where you can use another type of napkin. Next, we indicate the approximate measurements:

  • For formal dinner: 60 x 60 cm.
  • Less formal lunch and dinner: 45 x 45 cm.
  • Buffets: 34 x 34 cm.
  • Snack: 22 x 22cm.
  • Appetizer: 20 x 20 cm.

What decorations to put on a table?

If you lack ideas about what decorations to put on a table, at dE.LENZO we can give you some options that you can use even to decorate a dining table on a daily basis.

✔️If your table is rectangular you won't have a space problem, you can create a nice set with candle holders of different sizes and some small vases with flowers.

✔️If your table is round and made of wood, you can create a beautiful centerpiece by giving prominence to the glass. You can put small plants in combination with small glass vases with a single branch, such as monstera.

✔️If you are a creative person Why don't you dare to create your own centerpiece with wicker baskets or wooden boxes? What you can do is create different combinations of wild flowers (we love them) and place them inside wicker baskets of different sizes, if they are small better, that way they will not take up so much space on the table. If the table is rectangular you can put them lengthwise, it will be ideal.

✔️If you like more discreet decorative elements opt for a more modern dining table with flowers arranged in small vases, one per vase... Daisies, roses, tulips? Place them in a row in the center of the table... We think you will love the result!

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