Ventajas de dormir con una funda nórdica para evitar el frío

Advantages of sleeping with a duvet cover to avoid the cold

We've all snuggled up under our duvet cover on some cold night. It is a place where we shelter from the low temperatures to be able to sleep without problems. The duvet cover has become the queen of winter and an essential element among our bedding. At Delenzo we want to let you know all the advantages that duvet covers have and how you can get the most out of them. Stay in this post and discover all its functions!

Duvet cover, a light and warm option for winter

Probably one of the main advantages of duvet covers is their lightness . It is a very comfortable element, because it does not leave us with a heavy feeling, unlike blankets or bedspreads. But don't let that light feeling fool you, duvet covers are perfect for winter as they have a better thermal insulation capacity . This helps us to rest better thanks to the fact that the temperature remains constant, so it conserves heat .

Bet on style and design with a linen duvet cover

The duvet covers, in addition to being very practical, are also a good option to decorate your room . This type of bedding has multiple designs with which to add style to your home. If your room has a more classic, modern, elegant or minimalist design , there is always a perfect cover for you. Play with your bed linen to give a different touch to the room, as with this MIKONOS Striped Linen Duvet Cover . The bed is the main element of your room and the starting point to decorate it, so dress it in the best way with a stylish duvet cover.

Put a children's duvet cover to ensure hygiene

Children tend to be more active as they run, play and jump everywhere. That is why the best option for these little junk is to bet on a duvet cover for their room as it will protect them from colds . But not only that, the duvet covers are cleaner than other materials, since they protect the duvet on the outside and inside. Keep that in mind!

Make the bed much faster with a youth duvet cover

In winter we tend to be lazier to make the bed or fix the room, however, we love that cozy feeling at night when we get into it. Don't let laziness beat your comfort. If you are one of those people who does not like to make your bed, a duvet cover can be the perfect solution, since you only have to ventilate your bed well and then put your duvet on it, and that's it! Add a plus of comfort with the Linen & Wool Duvet Cover .

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