Te enseñamos a vestir la cama en primavera

We teach you to dress the bed in spring

Do you want to learn how to dress the bed in spring to make your bedroom look elegant? We help you!

At dE.LENZO, we want to give your bed a unique and incomparable spring style, so we are going to give you a series of tips to help you dress your bed without any problem . Pay close attention to the next post!

What do I need to know how to dress an elegant bed?

To know how to dress an elegant bed, you must first get a set of sheets . Very easy!

At dE.LENZO we have a wide catalog of washed linen sheet sets plus pillows that you will love. On the one hand, for those looking for a rustic and natural style , we recommend the Rustic Natural Linen Sheet Set in a marbled color. While, on the other hand, for those who want to give their bedroom more color and vitality , they can bet on the very versatile 4-Piece Tiled Linen Set .

Whichever you choose, you should know that all our games include a bottom sheet, top sheet and pillowcase . Keep that in mind!

Linen cushions that will help you dress a double bed

Linen cushions are a fundamental part to help you dress a double bed in spring. Now that we have our sheets, it's time to take a look at them!

If you are more into prints, we recommend the cushions from the Menorca Collection , such as the 50x75 Linen Cushion Cover that will give your bed some color and texture. Although, if you prefer solid colors and create different combinations, you will love the Jaipur Collection! You will find cushions of different colors and sizes so that you can intersperse them with each other and dress your double bed in a very personal way. It's great!

Finish dressing a bed with linen blankets

Even in spring, the weather is highly variable, so when dressing a bed, we recommend having a quality linen blanket on hand at all times. In this case, we recommend our 100% Merino Wool Blankets that are Aries, Ovis and Orientalis. Aries is the thickest option, ideal for a bed, while Orientalis has a simple design and is somewhat thinner.

Any of them will look good if you place it collected at the foot of the bed or folded. They are of excellent quality and both their patterns and their colors will look great with your bed.

How to dress a bed, give prominence to the smell of your sheets

It's time to give it the final touch ! The smell is something characteristic of spring, that's why we want your bed to smell exactly the same and, in addition, to stay completely clean. For this reason, we recommend the Perfume for Pillows Nº220 , which is also suitable for sheets. It is a perfume of essential oils with a relaxing effect and purifying properties to prevent the accumulation of dust or dirt. They are all advantages!

At dE.LENZO you will find the best bedding this spring. Think no more!

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