Nuestros 10 favoritos para regalar estas navidades

Our 10 favorites to give this Christmas

If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen that last weekend we dedicated it to supporting the #yoapoyoalcomerciolocal initiative by sharing the recommendations that our followers made us about brands or handcrafted products made in Spain and local commerce.

This year, we are very excited to make a kind of ¨Wishlist¨ with products that we love and that we believe it could be a success to buy for this Christmas, either because of the work with the environment that the brand has, because works with vulnerable groups or because it manufactures in Spain.

1.A small initial medallion made of ceramic

You already know that we are passionate about ceramic pieces, handmade and artisanal. María, she has known how to make us fall in love with her medals made by hand with Japanese silk cord... she can make a pendant with an initial, with little virgins, with fish... She has a thousand options! But remember, when something is handmade and handmade, it is unique and the shape is not repeated... each piece is different.

2.This chair by José Zanine that Ana has in her gallery in Santander

If you are thinking of giving yourself a car gift, I think this could be one of the best, Ana in her private gallery in Santander has unique pieces brought from different parts of the world such as Brazil or closer, Europe. The designs that she presents in the gallery are vintage and could not be more beautiful... This chair by José Zanine is on our wishlist.

3. Traditional tea pots from the city of Bhaktapur

It was seeing it and having a crush, obviously this tea pot had to be on our wishlist and it comes from the hand of Hemper. On her website they indicate that it is inspired by the aesthetics of the unique fabrics of Bajura and that the handle is made with bamboo hemp, a more resistant variety.

4. A 100% merino wool blanket

A wool blanket could not be missing and we think it is a gift that you will be sure to get right. Blankets at home can never be missing. We think that a blanket is a necessary home garment for the coldest days and also, keep in mind that this wool blanket is not mixed, it only has 100% merino wool, a variety of soft wool and it is absolutely not itchy.Take advantage because we have the two OVIS and ARIES models available again!

5. A CAMALE_ON screen made in Barcelona

Many clients, when they contact us for advice on linen bedding, tell us that they are remodeling the bedroom or that they have changed the color of the wall, just to give the space a new look. They ask us if we know of any brands that are somewhat special and different to complete the space. One of the ones we usually recommend for screens? Chameleon! We love that they do it in Barcelona, ​​with eco-prints and that the tinting is natural... Of course, one of their screens is on our wishlist... more specifically, this one here:

6. A set of shampoo and conditioner from Nasei

There are many brands like these, but what made us fall in love with Nasei is that the people who work on the project are beauticians and aromatherapists, and they also have a skin diagnosis service where they teach you to know your skin type. skin and its needs to find the best product. What is on our Christmas wishlist is one of their packs called FACIAL CLEANSING RITUAL but it is now sold out.

7. A washed 100% linen waffle towel

Our skin is exposed daily to pollution, toxins and free radicals that make the condition of the skin worsen faster over time. We love our waffle towels as gifts for the following reasons:

  • It's a bath towel with a difference and made with 100% washed linen.
  • It is a soft and skin-friendly towel thanks to its hypoallergenic properties.
  • Thanks to the way it is made in the shape of a honeycomb, it dries ultra fast (don't leave it with a snot, otherwise it won't dry even backwards)
  • It is super light, it does not weigh (Ideal for sports people)
  • We have a lot of colors so you can give the one that is your favorite.
  • For couples or married couples it is ideal to give a pack of one color and another of a different color, so there will never be any confusion!

8. Anything from Simple Store

We like visiting the physical store much more than buying through the web (although it is also convenient and they accept BIZUM) but, you know? This type of store is the typical one that you love to visit on a Saturday morning after taking a walk through Madrid with coffee in hand.

9. A painting by Paul Antón and Bea

Nothing more to say, the image speaks for itself....totally in love

10. An approved linen mask

Although the news is much more hopeful and it seems that we see light at the end of the tunnel, masks are a protective barrier against covid that we will continue to use for a long time. In times of pandemic, a gift can be one of our linen masks since they are simple but very pretty, combinable with any garment thanks to their colors, they are very breathable, they will take care of your skin thanks to their hypoallergenic properties and they will protect you 100% because they are approved by AITEX.

We hope you liked our list of 10 ideal products to give as gifts or to give yourself!

A hug,

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