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Square linen cushions

The square cushions are made with 100% washed linen . This is one of our favorite cushions due to its large size and versatility. It is the most successful shape of cushion that has continued to have the most success for years in most homes.
Can't find the size you want or do you fancy something different? Do not hesitate to send us an email to we will give you personalized attention, we will help you choose the size you want and we will advise you in the best way.
Linen cushion 50x50cm
Linen cushion 50x50cm
From €50,00 - €72,00
Cojín formentera 60x60cm - dE.LENZO
Linen cushion 60 x 60
From €72,00 - €125,00
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020.
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020.
Disponible solo en tiendas exclusivas
Cojines variados para Casa Decor 2020 - dE.LENZO
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020
Disponible solo en tiendas exclusivas


The cushions are those pieces that have become an essential in every home. When you are on the sofa they provide you with comfort and in bed, they will always come in handy for when you want to rest your head and be a little less lying down. Nowadays, you can find different types of cushions but, among the different measures that exist, there is one that has a somewhat special popularity: square cushions.
We only offer square cushions made with 100 % washed linen (for maximum softness) and we have no other type of fabric. Whatever your style in your home, we have blue striped square cushions, red striped square cushions, black cushions, natural linen cushions as well as black or red baqueira,
If you You want to buy a square cushion for home , we give you some ideas of where you can place it:
  • Square cushion for terrace chairs
  • You can put it as a "pouf" on the floor (depending on the cushion size you choose) both indoors and outdoors
  • If you take several, you can place them in a hammock
  • You can also make different combinations and place the linen cushions on your sofa ... you'll see how soft they are!


If you have decided on the shape, color and size, the next step is to place your order. Once we receive it, we make it by hand in Alcoy, in small traditional workshops .... What does this mean? The cushions are designed and sewn one by one, without exception, in a personal way. As we have mentioned before, we only offer linen cushions, a natural, tasty and very soft fabric perfect for country houses, rural houses or even very modern houses.
Our linen is brought from different parts from Europe, from the best suppliers of natural, ecological and biodegradable linen. Once in Alcoy, we take care of cutting, designing and sewing all our cushion models so that you can have it as personalized as possible.
Once we send you the cushion you have chosen, you will receive it in a plastic-free packaging, that is, with a biodegradable paper. We will also send you our "linen care ritual" so that you can follow our same steps so that it is as smooth as the first day.