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Rectangular linen cushions

Our rectangular cushions are made with 100% washed linen. Linen cushions are for both indoor and outdoor ; depending on the model you buy.
We recommend using rectangular sofa cushions and, if you cannot find the perfect cushion, at dE.LENZO we make custom rectangular cushions. If you are interested in buying a rectangular cushion in a personalized way, do not hesitate to contact us via email and tell us what you want us to make for you.
All our pieces including rectangular cushions are designed, cut and sewn in traditional clothing workshops in the city of Alcoy (Alicante)

Cojín formentera 40x60cm - dE.LENZO
Linen cushion 40x60cm
From €44,00 - €72,00
Cojín Córcega - dE.LENZO
Corsica Throw Pillow
From €38,00 - €65,00
Linen cushion 50 x 70
Linen cushion 50 x 70
From €58,00 - €82,00
Linen cushion 50 x 90
Linen cushion 50 x 90
From €72,00 - €115,00
Cojines variados para Casa Decor 2020 - dE.LENZO
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020
Disponible solo en tiendas exclusivas
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020.
Assorted cushions for Casa Decor 2020.
Disponible solo en tiendas exclusivas

Cushions in a rectangular shape!

If you like natural materials, you will love our rectangular shaped cushions as they are made with 100% washed linen, a fabric made up of a natural, ecological and biodegradable fiber.

Cushions are, without any doubt, essential pieces when it comes to changing the style of any space in your home. Depending on the color, shape and texture, you will get totally different environments. In this section we propose several models of cushions that you can combine with each other.

Where can I put my cushions?

Sure there are many options but we like the most is to place the linen cushions on the sofa combining them with other square-sized ones or on the bed together with your quadrants to give a much more arranged air to the room. A trend that is taking a lot is to place them on the backs of armchairs to be comfortable while reading a good book or dining chairs to make the evening much more pleasant. Another option? At the entrance of the house, they can be placed in an auxiliary piece of furniture (if you have one) that many of us use to sit down to take off our shoes, leave our coats ... etc

How will I receive my linen cushion?

A cushion made with linen is natural, tasty and very soft. It is perfect for country houses, rural houses even for very modern houses, since we have cushion models such as the gray Baqueira ideal for all types of spaces. Our cushions are made by hand in the city of Alcoy, in small traditional clothing workshops, those of a lifetime. Whenever you order one of our cushions, you will find our label with our brand name, what identifies us.
Our linen is brought from different parts of Europe, from the best suppliers of natural, ecological and biodegradable linen . Once in Alcoy, we take care of cutting, designing and sewing all our cushion models so that you can have them in the most traditional and personalized way possible.
Once we send you the cushion you have chosen, you will receive it in a plastic-free packaging, that is, with a biodegradable paper. We will also send you our "linen care ritual" so that you can follow our same steps so that it is as soft as the first day.