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Linen curtains

What atmosphere do you want to have at home? Curtains are the great allies of decoration and linen curtains are the best choice to decorate your space and obtain privacy. Write to if you want made-to-measure linen curtains.
PEGGY linen curtains 90gr
PEGGY linen curtains 90gr
From €64,00 - €98,00
RALPH linen curtains 175gr
RALPH linen curtains 175gr
From €100,00 - €152,00
Linen curtain LOLO 390gr
Linen curtain LOLO 390gr
From €145,00 - €158,00

100% washed linen curtains

In addition to dressing up your windows, curtains will add a final touch to your decoration. Our washed linen curtains are available in multiple colors such as white linen curtains . Linen curtains are ideal because they give you privacy but at the same time allow light to enter the rooms of the house.

Linen curtains for the living room

The curtains for the living room are the perfect allies when decorating a room, since they give the place much more body. Also, depending on the style you have, you will get one result or another. Decorating without letting in light will make your home look darker and smaller. Very thick curtains can play against you. We advise you to decorate in light tones and choose light fabrics for curtains, bedding or tablecloths.

If you are looking, for example, for light proposals, more summery, fresh and that let in the light, you will love our models made with 100% washed linen, we have them available in different thicknesses and also colors such as white linen curtains, curtains natural or blue linen. We are in favor of using linen at all times of the year; It is not necessary for summer to come to put some linen curtains.

In our case, whenever we have visited a house and it had good linen curtains, it transmits elegance, simplicity and a lot of style when decorating. Linen combines very well with other fabrics such as cotton. If you already have linen curtains at home, you can play to combine them according to colors, for example, a white linen curtain with a natural one ... What do you think of the idea?