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Linen aprons

Our aprons are the most wanted! They are already visible in bakeries, bulk stores, restaurants, country houses and in the most beautiful kitchens. We have two models of linen apron:

  • Baqueira apron, more sophisticated and elegant, perfect for cooking dinners with friends or family.
  • Rustic apron, much more carefree ... The battle apron!
  • Parma apron, a striped apron perfect to become a super chef
Delantal rústico - dE.LENZO
Linen apron
From €49,00 - €56,00
Baqueira linen apron
Baqueira linen apron
From €58,00 - €68,00
Parma linen apron
Parma linen apron
From €75,00 - €79,00