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At dE.LENZO we offer REUSABLE HYGIENIC masks made of linen, with inner fabric and also covers for disposable filters (12 x 8cm pharmacy type). Read very carefully the descriptions. THEY ARE NOT A PPE AND THEY ARE NOT A PS. The French Association for Standardization (AFNOR) defines the reusable hygienic mask as " a protection element intended for healthy people without symptoms. " By purchasing these masks you are helping all those who make the making of this product possible.


The mask has already become an essential for our day to day and, in a very short time, it will be a complement that we will have to take when we leave the house. There are many types of masks as explained by the Ministry of Industry: the filtering mask, surgical mask, dual mask, hygienic mask and reusable hygienic mask.

At dE.LENZO we have made reusable hygienic masks with the fabric with which we work all our pieces: LINEN. We have also added a protective, breathable interior fabric with an anti-bacteria and anti-mite barrier. With the aim of making them 100% useful for the user: we have tested them and they are in the process of being approved according to current regulations on reusable hygienic masks UNE 0065 -2020 (click here to see regulations) But, these masks, in addition to protecting you, will give color to your days thanks to our cheerful colors and our varied designs.

Why should a mask be the same as the others in color or design? Ours, in addition to being tested and in the approval process, are soft, beautiful and super comfortable. DO NOT GIVE UP on style, wear a design mask, modern and beautiful in your day to day.
We make this accessory in Alcoy (Alicante) and with your purchase you are helping all the people who are in the production chain.