Masks for daily use


The mask has already become an essential for our day to day and even a complement that we already add to our looks, combining it in the best way. There are many types of masks as explained by the Ministry of Industry: the filtering mask, surgical mask, dual mask, hygienic mask and reusable hygienic mask.
At dE.LENZO we have made reusable hygienic masks with the fabric with which we all work. our pieces: LINEN. We have added a two-way protective, breathable inner filter with an approved anti-bacterial barrier.

Why should a mask be the same as the others in color or design? Ours, in addition to being tested and approved, are soft, beautiful and super comfortable. DO NOT GIVE UP on style, wear a designer, modern and beautiful mask in your day to day.

Where and how are reusable masks with linen filters produced?
We have designed, tested and made this protection accessory in the city of Alcoy (Alicante ) where we produce and ship all of our parts. We produce the masks by hand, one by one, thanks to our team of manufacturers and all the materials we need to produce them (such as surgical rubber) are from local businesses, that is, from local suppliers. With the purchase of the masks, you are helping all the people who participate in the production process of the masks during this very complicated crisis situation.

How do I know which mask I need to wear?
If you click here you can read which masks a healthy person should wear as well as their characteristics.

How will I receive my order?
To find out if a reusable mask really protects or if it continues to be effective after washing, you must make sure that the brand or company that sells it clearly provides this information both on its website and when the customer receives it. the order at home. At dE.LENZO, as you know, we keep you informed through our website, blog, newsletters and of course, once you receive your mask at home, you will see an instruction and information sheet.
When you receive the package of masks at home, you will find instructions and reusable masks wrapped in a 100% biodegradable bag. In the information sheet you can read tips for washing the masks, how to put them on, the approval values ​​as well as a brief history about our brand.

[#top_description] On this page you will find all our models of reusable hygienic mask with filter for adults and covers for external filters as well as packages of reusable filters.
✔All our personal protection products are approved by AITEX and comply with all established regulations.
✔Our designs include rubber bands or multi-position tapes (to the ears or to the head) as well as surgical rubber to the ear.