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What is the difference between a carrycot and a mini crib?

The carrycot is recommended for newborn babies up to approximately 2 months of age. It is super comfortable because you can easily transport it through all the rooms in the house to keep an eye on your baby at all times thanks to its removable basket. You have the option of choosing rocking legs, this way, putting it to sleep will not cost you anything.

The mini crib is like a carrycot but a little bigger and more rigid. It is perfect for use up to 8 months of age or until your baby starts walking. It is an alternative to the carrycot if you want your baby to always sleep in the same room.

[#top_description] If you prefer your baby to sleep in the same room, this option is perfect for you. All our models for mini cribs and cribs are made with 100% washed linen of European origin. She will respect her skin and sleep like a little angel among our linens

Cot linen MAFALDA

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