BIG waffle towels

In this section you will find our BIG WAFFLE linen towels. These towels are made to facilitate quick drying and much higher moisture absorption. We have them available in various sizes and colours.
If you have not tried our waffle towels yet, you will love them for:
✔Their size and texture.
✔Great absorbency and extreme softness.
✔Its lightness Because they don't weigh anything.

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Our BIG Waffles

What are the benefits of linen bath towel?

They weigh nothing: Linen towels weigh nothing and do not take up space. They are perfect to take to the gym or when you go on a trip because they fit in any suitcase or bag. You really fold them and it's a joy how little space they take up! It is also a plus that they take up little space, especially for small storage cabinets.
It has an exfoliation effect: While your skin dries with the soft touch of the linen towel, it has a very mild exfoliation effect on your skin. Don't worry, the linen towel is perfect for the most sensitive skin, people with allergies or reactive skin thanks to the properties of linen, so there's nothing to fear.
It has a unique style: We love the style that linen towels have and what it brings to any bathroom. With pieces of linen, such a natural fabric, you can achieve a super elegant style that is relaxed and informal at the same time. Surprise your guests with these waffle towels...they will be delighted.
The towel design helps with moisture wicking and quick drying.

How do I choose the right waffle linen towel?

If you are a person who is committed to sustainability and to having a much more conscious and responsible lifestyle and consumption, you have two options for bath towels: 100% pure linen and organic cotton. Of these two fabric options, the most ecological is flax, since it requires fewer resources for its cultivation, harvesting and production. In addition, linen is a biodegradable fabric and much more resistant to tears compared to cotton.
Think about the use you are going to give them: If you want a more versatile towel, that you can use both at home when you get out of the shower and, at a given moment, to take it to the gym, your IDEAL towel is the waffle towel. It doesn't weigh anything, it fits anywhere, it dries your skin super fast and it doesn't take long for it to dry itself. As I have mentioned before, I would also consider having a waffle set for a guest bathroom, it is a towel that is not seen at all and that everyone likes.
Think about colours:
At dE.LENZO we have a super fun and cheerful variety of colours, you can combine two different colors or, on the contrary, have a waffle set of the same colour. If you want a change of scenery, see your bathroom with a different style, waffled towels are perfect for you. You can bet on a natural waffle towel or a black towel, super daring and full of personality.