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100% linen terry towels

The terry towels are, among many others, a perfect choice if you want to be more ecological, natural and respectful with the environment . Made on a 100% cotton base, it holds the wonderful curl made with 100% stone washed linen. We have found the perfect combination to make your daily care your favorite moment of the day.


This question is repeated a lot: How to choose bath towels? And the answer is that it all depends on your tastes, bathroom style and your own values. A bath towel should be: Pleasant to the touch, absorbent, decorative and pretty.

How to know if it is of good quality? What you will have to take into account whenever you are going to choose towels for your bathroom is both the weight and the composition, the higher it is, the higher quality it will have and consequently its absorption capacity. Textile experts point out that for a towel to be of quality it will have to have more than 450gr / m2
Does the terry towel absorb well? A towel made with the natural fiber of linen absorbs + 20% than a cotton towel, in addition to its excellent benefits, a towel made with linen will last you much longer ... # bE.ECO!
In this section you will find our CURLY both in natural color and in white. With a grammage of 500gr / m2 and different measures (One medium for the face and another large for the body).

CHOOSE the one you like best, you can buy them separately or as a set!