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170 g/m2 100% washed linen cover with flap closure. Natural, soft, fresh, breathable and ecological. warm white We do not work with optical whites to prevent them from turning blue with washing. Our basic white is neutral.

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    Pillowcase with envelope closure.
    In the sizes 45x135/150/16/18 the pillows are with ruffles in the corners.
    You can choose our exclusive tube pillows: wide pillows that fall on the side of the mattress with or without colored piping. see examples

    • 90 cm bed: 45 x 90cm or 45 x 115cm.
    • Bed 135 cm: 45 x 60cm or 45 x 70cm.
    • Bed 140 cm: 45 x 70cm or 45 x 75cm.
    • Bed 150 cm: 45 x 75cm or 50x 75cm.
    • Bed 160 cm: 45 x 75 or 45 x 80cm.
    • Bed 180 cm: 45 x 90cm or 50 x 90cm.
    • 200 cm bed: 45 x 100cm, 50 x 100cm or 45 x 115cm.
    • If you want a single pillow, choose measures 45 x 135/15160/180/200m

    To add the hemstitch you have to buy the set of bedding, sheets, pillows or the product that you have chosen and then in the HEMSTITCHES section, add the hemstitch of the piece.
    The hemstitch is a small, thick dot that gives a colored finish to any piece.
    Not all hemstitches are the same. We try to make it as dense as possible so that it does not reveal the fabric and it looks like an embroidery.
    You can choose the color in an infinite number of shades as it is made with thread.
    If you need something very special, you can contact us and we will see it together.

    Any ideas

    Choose tube pillows; long ones that cover the mattress (see photo in gallery) and add a splash of color.
    Choose decorative pillows 60x60cm and add a splash of color.
    You can combine threads of different colors to create a special color.
    Buy the Jaipur plaid and add a repulse of the plaid color (see photo in gallery)
    Mix pillows of different sizes and the same color but if you want a variety of colors, use only two of them.
    We love linen, because thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, the pillows are breathable and absorb moisture very well, and the smell of fabric softener lasts longer.
    Our best advice? Wash them the more the better!
    The result will be extremely soft and tasty linen.
    Enjoy it!

    Composition and care

    100% European washed linen of 170gr/m2 made in Spain.
    Manufacture and fabric certified Standard 100 by Oeko-tex. Certificate n° 2021OK068

    • Wash our linen at 30ºC or 40ºC with a neutral soap that does not contain abrasives or bleaches.
      Occasionally you can wash it at 60ºC.
    • You can iron it at 3 temperature points.
      If you want a more natural look, we recommend that you do not iron it.
    • Drying can be done in a tumble dryer but if you want to extend the life of your linen, we advise you to hang it in the air, it will dry super fast and it will look like ironing.
    • Try our linen soap.
    • Wash your clothes separating light and dark

    Always look at our care label, you will have it in each of our products.
    Doubts? Call us or send us a Whatsapp at +34 676 962 746 or if you prefer send an email to hola@delenzo.com

    Our brand

    HILL. s. m .: The best part of the flax once it has been tacked, which is separated from the tow and used to make the LENZO .
    From the lenzo are our linens, from European harvests, chosen from their places of cultivation and processed to maintain the origin and roots of one of the most natural fabrics in the world.
    To make our pieces, we buy linen previously washed in large drums, which beat the fiber to achieve maximum softness, and natural substances are added to advance the softening process. Therefore, it does not shrink and hardly wrinkles.
    Linen is a sustainable, ecological and recyclable fabric. Antibacterial and hygroscopic.
    All the linen used in our production has an international certificate of conformity with Oeko-Tex and has been tested to meet the environmental requirements of Oeko-Tex RStandard 100.
    Our bedding is made with 170gr/m2, 190gr/m2 and 240gr/m2 linens, for greater quality and extraordinary comfort. Some of our cushions are sewn with rustic linen of up to 350gr/m2, and our linen terry towels with a cotton base exfoliate your skin in the most natural way possible.
    We handcraft the most natural, ecological and unique household linen that you can find in national production today, being a benchmark in the Spanish market.
    -It is the oldest textile fiber in known history. It has been woven for ten thousand years.
    -Linen dates back to ancient Egypt, having been found in pharaonic tombs.
    -80% of the world production of flax is of European origin.
    -The role of linen in climate change is essential because its manufacture is an ecological alternative to cotton. Because it is a natural fiber it is ecological, sustainable and biodegradable.
    - If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, the linen fabric will not cause any type of discomfort, on the contrary, it helps the skin.
    - It releases negative ions that are the ones that heal. On the contrary, synthetic fibers decrease our biological defenses.
    -The linen fiber has a capacity to absorb 20% of the humidity of its dry weight. Cotton only contemplates 8.5%
    -Sleeping on linen is the healthiest. It has been shown that with linen you sleep more deeply, rest more, improve your mood and shorten your convalescence.
    -Textile linen is one of the few fibers that eliminate and neutralize odors in the environment, maintaining a pleasant sensation that does not occur with other fabrics. It is so resistant that boat sails, canvas, bags, canvases have been made with it. .
    - You would only need two sets of bedding, for your life....

    What are you buying?

    Includes 1 pillowcase per unit (without filling)
    Flap closure at one end
    Washed for maximum softness
    100% European linen manufactured in Spain
    Linen fabric with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification
    When you buy a pair, you will know how to differentiate your pillow thanks to our black or white color symbol... :)
    You can choose them with bright colors

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    Irune Ruiz Diaz

    No había usado nunca sabanas de lino y me han encantado, creo que el tejido transpira más que el algodón y son muy confortables, ha sido un acierto. En cuanto a dE.LENZO la atención y el trato ha sido inmejorable

    Hola Irene,

    ¡No querrás otra cosa! Es lo que nos ha pasado a nosotras con el lino...ya no lo cambiamos por otro tejido.

    Un saludo del equipo dE.LENZO

    maria jose moledo rivas

    Buena calidad y rapidez en el envío

    Hola M.Jose, ¡Siempre intentamos que nuestros envíos sean lo más rápidos posible! Un saludo del equipo dE.LENZO

    La mejor ropa de cama y hogar

    Lo primero la confianza y el trato es excelente 👌 y el género lo mejor que e podido probar y el envío súper rápido. Mil gracias 😊

    Hola Encarni,

    ¡Muchísimas gracias! Para cualquier recomendación o duda, ya sabes donde puedes encontrarnos.

    Un saludo del equipo dE.LENZO

    Rosa Rumayor
    Almohadas de lino

    Excelente compra: Las fundas tienen un agradable tacto y visten fantásticamente la cama. La atención inmejorable.

    ¡Hola Rosa!

    Muchas gracias por dejar tu cpmentario en www.delenzo.es ¡Cuánto nos alegramos de leer que ha sido una compra excelente para ti! A pesar de lo que la gente pueda pensar, el lino lavado es un tejido suave y gustoso. Además como tu dices, el lino viste muy bien la cama y queda fenomenal tanto en verano como en invierno...¡Te animamos a usarlas todo el año!

    Un saludo del equipo dE.LENZO