Nordic padding Cotton and 100% merino wool

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This slightly simpler duvet cover filler than our own design is another option to avoid animal feather or synthetic fillings.

Featuring a 100% cotton exterior with soft padding and 250 g/m2 100% Merino wool. Ideal for cold temperatures. Very very warm and with a peculiarity: SUITABLE FOR WASHING MACHINE.

Merino sheep are mountain animals raised in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. This wool is extremely soft, fine and soft, which is why it is very popular among people who are sensitive to the roughness of wool. In the case of the padding, its outer cotton cover avoids contact completely.

What are its properties?

  1. 100% NATURAL. As long as there is pasture for the sheep, they will grow new wool every year, wool that must be removed.
  2. Regulates body temperature: Preventing you from sweating.
  3. Antibacterial, does not retain odours: Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to lanolin, a compound similar to wax that prevents the growth of bacteria and bad odour. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash it frequently.
  4. Repels moisture: Its fibers allow air to circulate, keeping you dry in hot conditions.
  5. Natural and biodegradable: A good way to contribute to the planet, as this wool disintegrates in a matter of a few years, serving as fertilizer for the earth.
  6. Elastic: Even after bending and straightening the wool fiber 20,000 times, it does not lose its original properties, it is even 7 times more resistant to wear than cotton and even 10 times more than silk. At temperatures that are too high, the wool fiber shrinks, but when stretched, it can return to its original shape, and if properly cared for, wool products will last for many years.
  7. Stain resistant. The wool fiber has a natural protective outer layer that prevents the formation and absorption of stains. Wool accumulates less dust and its lanolin grease makes it easier to remove dirt from fabrics.
  8. More secure . Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally non-combustible. Wool also has a high natural level of UV (ultraviolet) protection, which is much higher than that of synthetic or cotton materials.
  9. Certification standard 100 by OKEO-TEK
  10. It is possible that during the first days I have a particular smell of wool that disappears by airing it in the sun for a few hours.

[#size] Measures:

  • Bed 90cm/105cm: Nordic 140x200cm
  • Bed 135/140/150cm: Nordic 200x220cm

Complete your stuffing with a custom duvet cover.
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  • It is recommended to ALWAYS use the filling with a duvet cover
  • Aerate it in the shade for an hour or two to restore its original qualities.
  • You can wash the quilt in the machine with a program for wool and with water at 30°C, with neutral soap. Our special soap is ideal for silk, wool and linen.
  • Drying can be done in a tumble dryer with a program for wool and always at low temperature
  • Supports dry cleaning (P) and Ecological (F)
  • Always look at our care label, you will have it on each of our products.
  • Aerate between seasons and store in a dry and cool place in its cotton bag

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Exterior de algodón 100% con un suave acolchado y
Interior100% lana Merino de 500gr
Ideal para temperaturas frías y con una particularidad: apto para lavadora.


Nuestras recomendaciones:
Cama _90cm: 140x200cm
Cama 105cm: 220x200cm
Cama 135cm: 220x200cm
Cama 140cm: 220x200cm
Cama 150cm: 220x200cm
Cama 160cm: 220x200cm


100% NATURAL. Mientras existan pastos para las ovejas, les crecerá la lana nueva cada año, lana que hay que quitar.
Regula la temperatura corporal: Impidiendo que sudes.
Anti bacteriana, no retiene olores: La lana merino es naturalmente anti bacteriana gracias a la lanolina, un compuesto similar a la cera que previene el crecimientos de las bacterias y el mal olor. Por ello no hace falta lavarla con frecuencia.
Repele la humedad: Sus fibras permiten la circulación del aire, manteniéndote seco en condiciones cálidas.
Natural y biodegradable: Una buena forma de contribuir al planeta, pues esta lana se desintegra en cuestión de pocos años, sirviendo como abono para la tierra.
Elástica: Incluso después de doblar y alisar la fibra de lana 20.000 veces, no pierde sus propiedades originales, es incluso 7 veces más resistente al desgaste que el algodón e incluso 10 veces más que la seda. A temperaturas demasiado altas, la fibra de lana se encoge, pero cuando se estira, puede volver a su forma original y, si se cuida adecuadamente, los productos de lana durarán muchos años.
Resistente a las manchas. La fibra de lana tiene una capa exterior protectora natural que evita la formación y absorción de manchas. La lana acumula menos polvo y su grasa de lanolina facilita la eliminación de la suciedad de las telas.
Más seguro . Debido a su alto contenido de agua y nitrógeno, la lana es naturalmente incombustible. La lana también tiene un alto nivel natural de protección UV (ultravioleta), que es mucho más alto que el de los materiales sintéticos o de algodón.
Certificación standard 100 by Oeko-tex.

Composición y cuidados

Exterior: 100% algodón
Interior: 100% Lana Merino 500gr

  • Se recomienda siempre utilizar el relleno con una funda nórdica.
    Confección y tejido con certificación Standar 100 by Oeko-tek.Certificado n° 2021OK06
  • Lavado: a 30°C en lavadora y
  • No admite secadora.
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