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Estampados a rayas para dar un aire fresco a tu ropa de cama en verano

Striped prints to give a fresh air to your bedding in summer

Bedding plays a crucial role in the quality of our rest and in the general appearance of our room. In addition to pr... Read more

Ropa de cama de lino para renovar el dormitorio de tus hijos

Linen bedding to renovate your children's bedroom

Bedding can help you completely change the style of a bedroom. Therefore, if you want to renovate your children's bed... Read more

Prepara tu dormitorio para el otoño con dE.LENZO

Prepare your bedroom for autumn with dE.LENZO

The change of season cries out for a change of decoration, that means that the time has come to prepare your bedroom ... Read more

Tips para lavar y tratar el lino

Tips for washing and treating linen

Discover how to treat your linen garments. We tell you how to wash it, dry it, iron it (in case you want to do it) an... Read more

¡Combina tus sábanas de lino con nuestros tips!

Combine your linen sheets with our tips!

Mix textures, combine patterns with plain colors... Everything you need to know to make a full-fledged MIX & MATCH! Read more