JAIPUR bedspread collection

These quilts are made in an artisan way.
No two pieces are ever the same.
They are quilts and plaids with a unique character since the 270gr / m2, medium/high linen and the frayed ones give it that casual air.
They are pieces that improve with the passage of time.
In the plaid model, smaller and designed for the foot of the bed, you will find three frayed sides and an area without fraying. The fringes have different colors, only the lower part has the color of the fabric, the sides are made of natural linen.
In the quilt option; sizes up to 3 meters have a central fray and sizes greater than 3M have two central frays.
You can find several examples in the photos in the galleries.
We can also make specific and custom sizes, with finishes specific.
Colección colchas JAIPUR