Nordic padding Cotton and 100% merino wool

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This duvet cover filling is another option to avoid synthetic or animal feather fillings.Featuring a 100% cotton exterior with soft padding and 100% Merino wool.Ideal for cold temperatures and with one particularity: SUITABLE FOR WASHING MACHINE.

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100% cotton exterior with soft padding and
Interior100% Merino wool of 500gr
Ideal for cold temperatures and with a particularity: suitable for washing machine.


Our recommendations:
Bed _90cm: 140x200cm
Bed 105cm: 220x200cm
Bed 135cm: 220x200cm
140cm bed: 220x200cm
150cm bed: 220x200cm
160cm bed: 220x200cm


100% NATURAL. As long as there are pastures for the sheep, new wool will grow each year, wool that must be removed.
Regulates body temperature: Preventing you from sweating.
Antibacterial, does not retain odors: Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to lanolin, a wax-like compound that prevents the growth of bacteria and odor. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash it frequently.
Repels moisture: Its fibers allow air circulation, keeping you dry in hot conditions.
Natural and biodegradable: A good way to contribute to the planet, since this wool disintegrates in a matter of a few years, serving as fertilizer for the earth.
Elastic: Even after folding and smoothing the wool fiber 20,000 times, it does not lose its original properties, it is even 7 times more resistant to wear than cotton and even 10 times more than silk. At too high temperatures, the woolen fiber shrinks, but when stretched, it can return to its original shape, and with proper care, woolen products will last for many years.
Stain resistant. Wool fiber has a natural protective outer layer that prevents the formation and absorption of stains. Wool accumulates less dust and its lanolin grease makes it easier to remove dirt from fabrics.
Safer . Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally incombustible. Wool also has a naturally high level of UV (ultraviolet) protection, which is much higher than that of cotton or synthetic materials.
Standard 100 by Oeko-tex certification.

Composition and care

Outer: 100% cotton
Inner: 100% Merino Wool 500gr

  • It is always recommended to use the filling with a duvet cover.
    Manufacture and fabric with Standard 100 by Oeko-tek certification. Certificate n° 2021OK06
  • Washing: at 30°C in a washing machine and
  • It does not admit a dryer.

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N. D.
Excelente calidad

Nos encanta que se trate de un producto ecológico y producido de manera sostenible en España. Como características esenciales destacamos su suavidad y su ligereza.

MariLuz Miranda Sobrado
Edredón lana

Es un edredón original,en mi caso es para clima frío sin pesar, resulta muy agradable xq te reconforta la sensación de que te envuelve y recoge con un peso ligero. Hubo un problema con el pago, y me lo resolvieron enseguida haciendo un seguimiento de todo el proceso hasta q me llegó. Muy agradecida. La marca es excepcional, merece la pena apoyar estos proyectos