Nordic padding Linen and 100% merino wool

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We have designed a padding of 100% merino wool to complete your linen bedding sets.
To use it as a padding for the inside of your duvet cover or for linen bedspreads. With a 100% washed linen exterior and edged with a linen ribbon on the plaid model, you'll be able to adjust it. As it has such a spectacular finish, you can use it as a quilt.
For the light duvet covers, we put the linen padding in white so that it does not distort the color. If you would like any other color of linen, we can do it, get in touch by email or phone and we will see it together.

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    The grammage of 400gr/m2 is indicated for mid-season or houses with heating.
    The weight of 800gr/m2 is indicated for winter and cold rooms.
    Unlike feathers, as it is wool and linen, breathability is constant, preventing sweating while you sleep.
    You can accompany them with the plaids because the ties system allows you to have it attached to your quilt.


    Our recommendations:
    PLAID would be:
    Bed _90cm: 150x200cm
    Bed 105cm: 150x200cm
    Bed 135cm: 150x200cm
    140cm bed: 150x200cm
    150cm bed: 150x260cm
    160cm bed: 150x260cm
    180cm bed: 150x260cm
    200cm bed: 150x260cm
    Bed _90cm: 180x220cm
    Bed 105cm: 220x220cm
    Bed 135cm: 220x220cm
    140cm bed: 220x220cm
    150cm bed: 240x220cm
    160cm bed: 260x220cm
    Bed180cm: 280x220cm
    Bed 200cm: 320x220cm

    Composition and care

    Exterior: 100% European washed linen of 170gr/m2
    Inner: 100% Merino Wool

    • Made in Spain.
    • It is always recommended to use the filling with a duvet cover.
      Manufacture and fabric with Standard 100 by Oeko-tek certification. Certificate n° 2021OK0683
      Wool certified Standard 100 by Oeko-tek.
    • Washed:
      The 400g padding can be gently washed in the washing machine, gently tumble dried and dry cleaned.
    • The filling of 800gr only cleaning in dry cleaners.

    Always look at our care labels.

    Weight: Between 5 and 8 kilos.


    A 100% natural and biodegradable product.
    As long as there are pastures for the sheep, new wool will grow each year, wool that must be removed.
    Regulates body temperature and repels moisture; Its fibers allow air circulation, keeping you dry in hot conditions, preventing you from sweating.
    Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to lanolin, a wax-like compound that prevents bacteria growth and odor. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash it frequently.
    Elastic: Even after folding and smoothing the wool fiber 20,000 times, it does not lose its original properties, it is even 7 times more resistant to wear than cotton and even 10 times more than silk. At too high temperatures, the woolen fiber shrinks, but when stretched, it can return to its original shape, and with proper care, woolen products will last for many years.
    Stain resistant. Wool fiber has a natural protective outer layer that prevents the formation and absorption of stains. Wool accumulates less dust and its lanolin grease makes it easier to remove dirt from fabrics.
    Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally incombustible. Wool also has a naturally high level of UV (ultraviolet) protection, which is much higher than that of cotton or synthetic materials.
    The blend with the linen exterior makes this padding a unique piece that will last you for years.

    Our brand

    HILL. s. m .: The best part of the flax once taut that
    it is separated from the bast and used to make the LENZO .
    From the canvas are our linens, from European harvests, chosen from their places of
    cultivation and processing to maintain the origin and roots of one of the most
    natural of the world
    To make our pieces, we buy previously washed linen in
    large drums, which hit the grain, to achieve maximum smoothness, and
    Natural substances are added to advance the softening process.
    Therefore, it does not shrink and hardly wrinkles.
    Linen is a sustainable, ecological and recyclable fabric. antibacterial and
    All the linen used in our production has a certificate
    internationally in accordance with Oeko-Tex and have been tested to comply with
    the environmental requirements of Oeko-Tex RStandard 100.
    Our bedding is made with 170gr/m2, 190gr/m2 and
    240gr/m2, for higher quality and extraordinary comfort. some of our
    cushions, are sewn with rustic linen up to 350gr/m2, and our towels
    With linen terry cloth and a cotton base, they exfoliate your skin in the most natural way.
    We handcraft the most natural, ecological and unique household linen
    that today you can find in national production, being a benchmark in
    the Spanish market.

    -It is the oldest textile fiber in known history. has been woven since
    ten thousand years ago.
    -Linen dates back to ancient Egypt, having been found in tombs
    -80% of the world production of flax is of European origin.
    -The role of flax in climate change is essential because its
    manufacturing is an ecological alternative to cotton. Because it is a natural fiber
    It is ecological, sustainable and biodegradable.
    - If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, the linen fabric will not
    It will cause no type of discomfort, on the contrary, it helps the skin.
    - It releases negative ions that are the ones that heal. Rather, the fibers
    synthetics decrease our biological defenses.
    -The linen fiber has the capacity to absorb 20% of the humidity of its
    dry weight. Cotton only contemplates 8.5%
    -Sleeping on linen is the healthiest. It has been shown that with linen you sleep more
    deeply, you rest more, your mood improves and your convalescence is shortened.
    -Textile linen is one of the few fibers that eliminate and neutralize odors
    in the environment, maintaining a pleasant feeling that does not occur with other
    fabrics. It is so resistant that boat sails, tarpaulins,
    bags, canvases...
    - You would only need two sets of bedding, for your life....

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    Mejor Imposible !

    Producto Impecable ! Calidad Natural 100% ! Atencion al cliente la mejor ! Servicio y entrega INMEJORABLE ! 🔝🔝🔝

    Edredón cómodo y agradable

    Es un relleno nórdico bastante grueso (versión de invierno), y pesa como 2 o 3 mantas normales. Mantiene muy bien la temperatura sin cambios durante la noche. No tuve sensación ni de frio ni de calor, temperatura optima para el sueño, cuando la temperatura ambiente estuvo por debajo de 20º. Por encima hay que airear de vez en cuando el exceso de calor. Con ambientes más frios, por debajo de 10º, desconozco su efectividad, no he podido comprobarlo, aunque siendo de lana merina, supongo que bien. Muy cómodo y fácil, junto la funda y el resto, para hacer la cama, supone un ahorro de tiempo cada día de tener que lidiar con sabana encimera, mantas, colchas, etc, pues los sustituye a todos estos en una sola pieza. Plegado ocupa bastante, como 50x50x100 cm, cosa a tener en cuenta al guardarlo, o lavarlo, pues habrá que ir a tintoría si solo se tiene una lavadora normal. Es algo más caro que plumas o sintéticos, pero tiene ventajas que aquellos no tienen, aunque también alguna desventaja, como su tamaño o peso. Creo que merece la pena para el que busque producto natural.