100% Eco-friendly

Our premise regarding the consumption of linen means that what we buy must be durable and lasting over time, but above all, it must be more beautiful as the years go by.
At dE.LENZO we respect the environment from the beginning of the linen production until it is delivered to the place where you live. For this, we only work with flax of 100% European origin to control the quality of the fibers, have control over the production processes and to ensure a safe and controlled transport and distribution of the product.
We are very aware that the production and distribution process must be clean with the environment and we try to avoid the unnecessary use of packaging. You will receive our products wrapped in a simple way, with a biodegradable, ecological and compostable packaging.


Did you know that as the years go by, linen becomes softer? It's when we like it the most, right? Our linen is washed; It is a Garment washed linen, this process is done prior to its preparation. With this simple step, we are accelerating the flax softening process to 3 years.
Have you ever thought about the benefits of using linen products at home?
Control body temperature.
The linen breathes.
Ultra fast drying.
Provides a fresh look.


Thanks to its thermoregulatory property, linen keeps your body 3-4 degrees below ambient temperature in summer and stabilizes your body temperature during the coldest winter nights. Embrace the feeling of not getting hot during summer nights and welcome that cozy feeling that will flood your room in winter.
Do you remember that bitter feeling that “the sheets are sticking to you”? Thanks to the fact that linen is considered one of the most breathable and absorbent fabrics, you will no longer have that problem. Forget waiting forever for your sheets to dry. Thanks to the rapid absorption of linen, you can have your sheets clean and dry very quickly.


Linen also has multiple properties for your health, did you know? Linen is also hypoallergenic, that is, it is perfect for those who have more sensitive skin or who suffer from allergies.
Are you perhaps one of them?