Mulberry SILK duvet padding

Wonderful and soft filling for duvet cover; It is composed of mulberry silk inside; Mulberry and on the outside 100% cotton sateen with 300 threads.

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The grammage of 400gr/m2 is indicated for mid-season or houses with heating.
The weight of 800gr/m2 is indicated for winter and cold rooms.
Unlike feathers, as it is wool and linen, breathability is constant, preventing sweating while you sleep.
You can accompany them with the plaids because the ties system allows you to have it attached to your quilt.

  • Bed _90cm: Nordic 160x220cm
  • Bed 105cm: Nordic 190x220cm
  • Bed 135/140cm: Nordic 220x220cm
  • Bed 140/150cm: Nordic 240x220cm
  • Bed 160/180cm: Nordic 260x240cm
  • Bed180/200cm: Nordic 280x240cm
Composition and care

Interior 100% mulberry silk; mulberry
Exterior 100% cotton sateen with 300 threads.

  • Traditionally made in China.
    It is recommended to ALWAYS use the filling with a duvet cover.
  • Air it out in the sun for an hour or two so that it recovers its original qualities.
  • You can wash the duvet in a machine with a silk program, with neutral soap. Ideal our special soap for silk, wool and linen.
  • Drying can be done in a tumble dryer at a low temperature.
  • DOES NOT ADMIT DRY CLEANING OR ALKALINE DETERGENTS because they attack the silk protein.
  • Between seasons, air and store in a dry and cool place in its cotton bag.
  • Don't put weight on it.
Silk properties

Hypoallergenic and anti-mite: Does not harm sensitive, dry or irritable skin.
Due to its properties, silk is naturally very resistant to mites and bacteria, it does not produce odors or absorb dust.
Breathes naturally: Silk absorbs and transfers excess heat and moisture, thus maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment.
The composition of the silk threads allows moisture to be expelled to the outside, thus avoiding the generation of mold and bad odors.
They regulate temperature: Silk is a natural regulator of temperature and maintains that of the body throughout the night. When it's cold, due to the air between the silk threads, the heat is kept inside so it has that insulating effect.
Maximum comfort: Silk is the finest, most flexible and lightest natural fibre. This means that it does not exert any pressure point on us, therefore, unlike traditional bedding, which is much heavier, it facilitates movement and increases the body's natural rest. It also adapts to the shape of the body and does not leave uncovered areas.
Indicated for people with respiratory conditions: They do not release particles and substances that may affect the respiratory tract.
Recently, a study carried out by researchers at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, and published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, has led the media to sound the alarm about the fact that exposure to natural feather duvets or pillows can being related to the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, in this sense silk is a high-quality alternative.
Light and relaxing: Due to its natural components, silk provides a pleasant sensation of softness and tenderness, which produces a relaxing effect for the nervous system and a pleasant and regenerative rest during the night.
Stable, resistant and durable: It does not deform or bulge, keeping the surface smooth and not bulky. Silk is strong, resistant and elastic by nature. In silk quilts that have been well-crafted, like ours, there are no crowding or cold spots. This is because the silk has been stretched and distributed by hand in thin layers of long fibers in one piece, which prevents displacement.
Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification

Customer Reviews

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Jose Alberto Garví Pastor
Suave cálido y agradable

Maravilloso el relleno. Aporta una sensación de confort al dormir extra. Acabados de mucha calidad. Estoy más que entusiasmado y encantado con el edredón de seda.

Elena Beneyto Navarro
Muy buena calidad

Me encanta y al olor que desprende a natural

Me recuerda a mi infancia.

Es muy agradable y da un calor muy bueno.

Estoy contenta con la compra.

Es caro pero merece la pena y puede durarte muchísimos años.

Alejandra Calvo Díaz

El relleno te envuelve desde el primer momento. Una maravilla.

El trato inmejorable, y el envío rápido y sin ningún problema.