Tips para lavar y tratar el lino

Tips for washing and treating linen

If you have one of our linen pieces and want to learn how to wash and treat it in the best possible way, you are in the right place: our dE.LENZO home blog

Linen is a very resistant natural fiber, with thermo-regulating properties, biodegradable and sustainable in its cultivation. Despite what many people may think, linen is very easy to treat...if you know how. From dE.LENZO we want to give you some simple tips to get the most out of your linen pieces... You will always have a piece of soft linen, with a lasting color and with the same quality as when you bought it.

Hot water breaks down the natural fibers

The first thing you should do is look at the label that we sew on all of our washed linen pieces. On the labels you can see at what maximum temperature you can wash and whether or not you can use a dryer (In our pieces you can generally always tumble dry).

It is important that you know that hot water breaks the natural fiber of the linen , which causes it to lose more and more fiber, accelerates its aging and, consequently, its quality may be affected.

First times with washed linen

You have just received your purchase at home...Wow washed linen! What an incredible touch! In case you still don't know, our linen is washed, that means that it has been washed before it is made... that's why it is so soft, soft and tasty. When you receive your package at home you can wash it before using it for hygiene reasons, but keep in mind that the piece is washed and sanitized .

If you want to wash your piece before using it, here are some tips:

  1. We bet on white vinegar for a natural, sustainable and effective wash. This helps the colors to set and softens the fibers much more if you use it in cold water.
  2. Our linen DOES NOT SHRINK because it has already been treated previously, so you should not worry when it comes to washing or drying it.

How to wash linen?

Did you know that the more you wash linen, the softer it gets? The more you use it and the more you wash it... It will become more and more beautiful! At dE.LENZO we say that the natural fiber of linen is alive and reacts with each use.

The first indication that we want to give you is to wash the linen pieces separately and, if you see that it is not enough to fill a washing machine... Do it by hand! Do you know why we give you this advice? Other fibers that cannot be natural such as Nylon or Polyester expel micro-plastics with each wash (as you know, these fibers are made from petroleum) that pollute the environment and can also settle in natural fibers, returning to them more rough

Once you have separated them, separate the linen garments by color so as not to cause any displeasure (In cold water or 30 degrees it will not happen but at 40 degrees you have a much greater risk of it happening).

When you go to wash in the washing machine, remember to read our care label, you can wash colored linen up to 40 degrees but we always recommend that you wash it at 30 degrees. If the linen is white, you can wash it in hot water if you need to, but remember that hot water destroys the natural fiber of the fabric itself. Use a program for delicate garments, the linen will thank you!

Regarding soap: We are in favor of using soaps that are as neutral and natural as possible, designed for linen as something specific or for delicate garments in general. The soap must be soft, non-toxic and without bleach. We cannot stop recommending the Home Healthy Home laundry soap that we have available on the web. A soap made in Spain, with olive oil, ideal for caring for and maintaining linen, wool and silk.

Dry and iron the linen

We recommend that you air dry the linen on a clothesline . If you are going to hang sheets, spread them out in the best possible way to avoid wrinkles that are not natural to the linen itself. You can also tumble dry without problem, the effect will be fluffy and very soft linen.

Our linen DOES NOT NEED IRON , it is a washed linen that hardly forms any wrinkles when it dries and the ones it may have are beautiful... It is the very natural effect that linen has!

If you feel like ironing them, we give you some advice. To start, lightly dampen your linen garment. You will see that, from the first pass of the iron, the fabric will remain taut. Never iron linen dry. Turn the garment inside out to avoid creases and use a hot iron at 200 ° C. Nowadays most irons have a special temperature for linen.

Put the linen in the closet

If you have ironed the sheets, the fabric will remain hot... DO NOT fold them and put them away! Do you know what will happen? When you go to take it out to place it on the bed, you will find that it has marked fold wrinkles... Ironing them will not have been of any use!

You can wait for the fabric to cool down or store the sheets Mari Kondo mode. It is important that you store them in a dry place and away from sunlight, as this can damage the original color of the linen garments.

We hope these tips have helped you! See you in the next post of E.LENZO

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