¿Cómo lavar las toallas correctamente para cuidar la piel y el pelo?

How to wash towels correctly to care for skin and hair?

Not just any product is suitable for washing the towels we use to dry our skin or hair. These parts of our body are more delicate and need a lot of care, so the towels have to be well washed. Being in direct contact with our skin, we cannot use any type of detergent. At Delenzo we want to give you a few tips to keep your towels clean while taking care of your skin and hair. As? Keep reading the post to find out!

Can you use fabric softener to wash the towels?

Using fabric softener when washing towels does not negatively affect healthy skin . However, it is better to avoid using it if you have atopic skin , as it can make dermatitis worse. Fabric softeners usually contain preservatives, perfume... which are harmful for this type of sensitive skin , so it is best not to use it. On the other hand, if your skin is dry , it is advisable to use it, otherwise your towel will be too stiff and scratch your skin. To know if you have to use softener or not, it is best to examine your skin well to find out what type it is.

How to wash towels in the washing machine so that it does not damage your hair

In the case of the towels we use to dry our hair, many dermatologists advise against using fabric softener , as it can wear down the microfibers . In addition, without its use, the fabric becomes more rigid , so it will dry better, since the fabric softener causes it to lose its absorption . The best way to make your hair towel last longer and not damage your scalp is, in addition to not using fabric softener, not using bleach either . This would modify its tissue and lose its ability to dry hair. On the other hand, it is better not to clean them together with the rest of your clothes.

How often to wash the towels so that they do not damage our skin

In general, it is advisable to wash the towels after about three or four uses . In addition, they must always be aired after use. In this way, they will not be wet and will not give rise to the proliferation of fungi . If we use towels directly on our face or hair, it is better that they are as clean as possible, since their dirt can harm our skin . For this reason they should always be clean and dry, and not use them too long.

Is it good to wash towels with vinegar?

The answer is yes. Adding a cup of vinegar along with the detergent and, if you want, bicarbonate , enhances the good smell and will make the towels fluffy . In addition, with white vinegar it is possible for the fabric to maintain its absorption power . On the other hand, since towels should be washed at a temperature above 60 degrees, if this is not possible, it is advisable to use white vinegar to be able to wash them at a lower temperature and to disinfect them well .

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