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How to remove stains from linen tablecloths?

How to remove stains from linen tablecloths and napkins?

Any linen product you have purchased at dE.LENZO can be washed occasionally at 60°C because our linens do not shrink. Only, you won't be able to do it regularly, because like any natural fabric, at such high temperatures, it becomes sad, dull and loses its shine. So we assume: a wine stain on the tablecloth, stain remover stick #3 is essential.

You just have to moisten the bar of soap, rub it against the stain (but vigorously), let it work and wash it in the washing machine at 40°C because it seems to be more difficult by hand, unless you soak it in water. hot 30 minutes. If the first time you do it doesn't work, insist. Linen, with its natural fibers, we could say that it "flakes" and this loss of fiber helps the stains disappear.

And finally, if you need a "disinfectant" cleaning, wash it at 60°C, do not use fabric softener and you will have a fabric with a clean smell, a rough initial feel but a sensation of maximum cleanliness.

Be very careful with soaps that say: "For delicate garments" because they contain optical brighteners and natural linen, since it is not treated, is very sensitive and can stain as if you had added bleach.

Be careful with some type soaps; Marseille soap, or natural soaps that do the same; Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and look for the phrase:


How to remove blood stains?

Before using our stain remover stick, pour a splash of hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. If necessary repeat.

There is a spray product, powder type, that works wonderfully; It is called Z-7, with this product we remove the grease stains that sometimes occur while you are making.

Did you know that during COVID times, we were among the first to manufacture approved masks? They were made of 100% linen, with an interior filter, and were washed non-stop at 60°C. If you are reading this post and you are one of those who had one, you will know the feeling of hygiene that linen transmits after washing.


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