Masqi & dE.LENZO

Masqi & dE.LENZO

To be honest, this is the second time I've sat down to write this blog post. The first one, when I had practically finished the post, a browser error prevented me from continuing and everything has been deleted. But well, -stuff that happens- I really want to tell you all the details about our collaboration with Masqi The Energy House.

What is Masqi The Energy House?

It is a unique wellness concept in our country. Masqi is a farmhouse located in the Sierra de Mariola (between Alicante and Valencia) and dates back to the 19th century, but now it has been fully restored and has all the comforts of a boutique hotel.

What characterizes this hotel is its DOME, located outside, adjacent to the pool. That's where yoga classes, meditation and some talks are given that make you a totally new person. In addition, in their magnificent kitchen they prepare macrobiotic food that will help you cleanse yourself inside. But....There is still more to come! If you are not staying at the hotel but want to taste their dishes, you have many dinner options that they organize from time to time, they call them Themed dinners.

When Elena and I went to visit him, we didn't hesitate for a moment to talk to them and raise the idea of ​​a joint collaboration. We knew that because of the lifestyle that they promote, the nature that surrounds them, the peace that is transmitted and the good energy... our linen bedding would have to be in one of their rooms. We got in touch with Sonia, the owner of the hotel, an enterprising person and full of life goals:

"There is nothing like experience to check if something works or not... And this is what I propose to MasQi visitors: live an experience around several ancestral disciplines such as yoga and meditation, eating a natural diet based on fresh seasonal products and balanced according to macrobiotics and feeling what it causes in our body, inside and out" says Sonia Ferre on her page web.

Sonia transmitted very positive energies to us and, herself, radiates peace and tranquility. She offered us a cup of tea with a name that I can't remember right now, but that people who practice yoga and meditation usually drink. We were amazed at the tableware that she had, according to Sonia, it is made by a woman in an artisanal way.

Our washed linen bedding at Suit North

Between the three of us, we decided to start by dressing the bed in Suit North. An impressive 190x200cm bed surrounded by imposing wooden beams on the ceiling, natural fabrics and some pieces from Sonia's trips to Africa, Asia and America.

This Suit is unique for a reason:

  • It is located on the second floor of the farmhouse, with impressive views of the garden and the Sierra de Mariola from three cardinal points: South, East and North. A unique room from where you can enjoy the mountain and nothing else.

In our opinion, dressing your bed with linen contributes to Boutique Hotels:

  • An added value to all the people who sleep in bed dressed in linen. Not only because of its soft touch but also because linen has multiple known benefits not only for your health but also for the skin. After resting for a few days in such a bed, you will be a completely renewed person.
  • A differential value... Where have you seen a hotel where there are linen sheets? I think, in my case, it is the first time I see it.You are differentiating yourself from the rest of the businesses, providing a new added value and also matching the values ​​of: Linen is a natural and ecological fabric, it has a greater durability than cotton, a lower percentage of tears and it is also a that you can recycle In addition to all this, linen is considered one of the best fabrics due to its high quality.

What exactly have we done on the Suit North?

  • We have dressed the impressive 190x200cm bed with an off-white linen duvet cover, pillowcases in the same color and 4 pillows (two square and two rectangular) with natural and off-white striped covers .

Ropa de cama de lino lavado

Cojín rectangular Formentera color blanco

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