Ropa de cama: Decora tu habitación para el otoño

Bedding: Decorate your bedroom for fall

In this post we are going to tell you how to choose the perfect bedding to decorate your room this fall. In these paragraphs you will know what the decoration trends are for this season and we will show you the colors you need to have a very Pinterest bedroom.

1.Bedding: Duvet covers are for fall

Officially we already have autumn with us and there is nothing that makes us happier than getting into bed at night and that fresh breeze of air enters us through the window to then cover ourselves with our delenzo duvet cover (yes, we already have it on)

As far as bedding is concerned, duvet covers are still our favourites, and from autumn until well into spring they will be our great allies. If you are thinking of giving your room a change of scenery, starting by changing the duvet cover a bit never hurts. Keep in mind that only by changing or combining different colors, your bedroom will look like another.

The reversible duvet covers, a great success!

We have been telling you about it a lot on social networks; beds dressed in reversible covers are highly versatile and are ideal for those seasons in which we like to vary a little, not always have the same thing🤗By dressing your space with reversible duvet covers you can create various environments. This one that we show you below, for example, is our complete green & mint linen set that comes with a reversible duvet cover and pillowcases.

Funda nórdica reversible en color verde

2.Combine bedding of different colors

Combining bedding with varied tones is sometimes complicated for us because, when we go to the stores, we find that the duvet cover set comes with its two pillows, but the ideal is that if you want to make a combination of colors to your bed, buy the duvet cover in one color and then the pillowcases in a different one.

Pastel colors, very easy to combine!

It occurs to us that green, blue and pastel pink tones are ideal for youth bedrooms or small children's bedrooms where there are 2 or even 3 beds... Why not combine pastel duvet covers with pillowcases and sheet in white?

3. The best textiles for your bedding

Here are two textiles for your bedding that we all have in mind: cotton and linen. And there are also two important factors that you can find when choosing your bedding: poor quality or good quality. Choosing a quality fabric is of great importance and we do not always give it to them.

First of all, we can find the stonewashed linen; a fabric treated prior to its manufacture to obtain maximum softness.😍Linen becomes increasingly softer wash after wash and has great durability and resistance....If you have to choose: Let it be LINEN 100%. Linen regulates body temperature (It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer) and in addition to many other properties, wicks away moisture, so if you're one of those people who sweats at night and doesn't have a great time, this fabric is for you.

Second, cotton. If you choose to use cotton sheets in your room, choose pure cotton, which is not a mixture, since the quality will not be the same, nor will the touch. You have the option of choosing among many sheets that the market offers and many of them have 50% of polyester (plastic) with the advantage, in addition to the price, that they will wrinkle less, but freshness will be lost. Synthetic fibers do not breathe well and are rougher.polyester sheets are not recommended

4. The decoration of your room counts

It's time to dive into all things bedding. To decorate your room for fall in the best way, nothing better than including some plants🌱in your bedroom. In addition to being beautiful and filling the house with color, they help us keep the humidity in the house in balance and purify the air, helping to reduce allergy symptoms.

Planta cactus

Keep in mind that depending on the time you have to take care of the plants, you will have to choose different classes. At home we have several orchids and, above all, natural field plants such as chamomile or thyme, we usually place them on the table or in the bathroom (they smell to die for!) and we also have many, many flowers that are always alive. We recommend them because they are full of color and when they dry they last just as alive over time 💘

Mantel de lino para mesa de comedor

End to our post of the week, we hope you liked it...we'll read you in the next one, which I can already tell you will be one of our stories, very funny😲


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