Cedar wood hoops

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Red cedar hoops are meant to be put on your hangers. Did you know that cedar wood is a natural repellent? Yes, it is a natural repellent for moths, but it also freshens up your closets. Our linen care collection is created by Home Healthy Home. Its effect lasts approximately 6 months. You can also reinforce it with the wardrobe perfume n°210.
What are you buying?
10 units of cedar wood rings with a 100% pure linen bag.
It is a biodegradable and compostable product.

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          They are made solely of cedar wood and naturally smell of cedar.
          Cedar is obtained by steam stripping the bark of Cedrus Atlantica, Pinaceae.
          The wood has a natural aromatic oil that gives it a smell and also offers antiseptic properties.
          They are very effective against moths and insects.
          You can read much more information about the ingredients in our post aromas for the spirit.

          How to use

          Put one hoop for each hanger, on different hangers.
          In a 1 m wide cabinet with four or five rings it would be enough.
          Try not to let them touch your clothes as their natural oil could stain them.
          When their scent begins to wear off, rub sandpaper across their surface and they will release their scent again.
          You can also perfume them with Closet Perfume No. 210.

          Benefits of cedar balls

          Did you know that it is a natural repellent?
          From the hand of Home Healthy Home we bring you the red cedar rings, a natural repellent for moths, in addition to gently setting your drawers.
          Its effect lasts approximately 6 months. You can reinforce them, too, with the wonderful closet purifier n°210