100% merino wool blankets

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We love wool combined with linen. Heather gray with purple. These blankets are the perfect complement to combine with your bedding, to put on the sofa, for summer nights in temperate areas... Woolly to the touch and medium thickness. Size 130x200cm.

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Wool blanket 130 x 200cm with WOOLMARK certificate
It is famous among mountain garments, famous for covering us during winter nights...
It stands out for its multiple properties and, although there are fabrics that work in extreme climates, few do it as well as merino wool but,
Where does merino wool come from? The name comes from merino sheep, a sheep that comes from the Iberian region and North Africa and is now bred all over the world. These blankets originate from Australia.

Properties of wool

Regulates body temperature: Even when wet, merino wool continues to maintain body temperature in freezing temperatures.
Anti-bacterial, does not retain odors: Wool is naturally anti-bacterial thanks to lanolin, a wax-like compound that prevents bacterial growth and odor. Therefore, it does not need to be washed frequently.
Repels moisture: Its fibers allow air circulation, keeping you dry in warm conditions.
There are four varieties of Australian Merino sheep, among them, the Isaac Merino sheep is the most valuable, bred for the production of high quality wool clothing. Currently, in Australia more than 80% of sheep are merino.
Australian wool hair is of high quality, soft and curly, uniform length, bright white color, good elastic strength, anti-static
Australia labels Australian wool products that meet quality requirements. Due to the international textile market consumers' increasing awareness of environmental protection, many Australian wool organizations also launch a plan to make Australian wool more "clean, natural and green".

Some ideas

A good blanket is a cozy and warm piece that you must have in your home.
With a piece like this, you can give the style you like the most to your spaces, from the most elegant to the most rustic style.
We recommend that you choose the color of the blanket that best suits the style of furniture and decoration you have at home.

Composition and care

100% Australian Virgin Wool

  • Wash our wool with a special program for wool and never spin dry.
  • Wash it alone.
  • Do not iron it and do not twist it.
  • Lay it flat or it will lend itself.
  • You can take it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

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