Jaipur Linen Cushion Cover 60x60cm

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Filling and cushion cover 100% linen. Made one by one, washed and softened, incredibly comfortable. Jaipur linen; he is the darling of dE.LENZO. This size is ideal for bed.

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The Jaipur collection is our most colorful.
With a 280gr/m2 linen and a frayed finish, you will brighten up any room. Available in 7 colors.
The fringes change color, combining the color of the natural linen with that of the chosen colour.

Any ideas

Create a complete environment by adding Jaipur table runners to your cushions.
Combine cushions of many colors and sizes.
Create a unicolor environment by combining many of the same cushions.
Use the 70x70cm sizes as a headboard for the bed or a pouf for the floor.

Composition and care

100% European washed linen of 280gr/m2 made in Spain.

  • Wash our linen at 30ºC or 40ºC with a neutral soap that does not contain abrasives or bleaches.
  • Try our linen soap.
  • Wash dark cushions separately from light garments.
    You can iron it at 3 temperature points but it will wrinkle. Did you know that linen wrinkles when it has been ironed?
  • Drying can be done in a dryer but if you want to extend the life of your linen, we advise you to hang it in the air.

Always look at our care label, you will have it in each of our products.
Doubts? Call us or send us a Whatsapp at +34 676 962 746 or if you prefer send an email to hola@delenzo.com

Our brand

HILL. s. m .: The best part of the flax once taut that
it is separated from the bast and used to make the LENZO .
From the canvas are our linens, from European harvests, chosen from their places of
cultivation and processing to maintain the origin and roots of one of the most
natural of the world
To make our pieces, we buy previously washed linen in
large drums, which hit the grain, to achieve maximum smoothness, and
Natural substances are added to advance the softening process.
Therefore, it does not shrink and hardly wrinkles.
Linen is a sustainable, ecological and recyclable fabric. antibacterial and
All the linen used in our production has a certificate
internationally in accordance with Oeko-Tex and have been tested to comply with
the environmental requirements of Oeko-Tex RStandard 100.
Our bedding is made with 170gr/m2, 190gr/m2 and
240gr/m2, for higher quality and extraordinary comfort. some of our
cushions, are sewn with rustic linen up to 350gr/m2, and our towels
With linen terry cloth and a cotton base, they exfoliate your skin in the most natural way.
We handcraft the most natural, ecological and unique household linen
that today you can find in national production, being a benchmark in
the Spanish market.
-It is the oldest textile fiber in known history. has been woven since
ten thousand years ago.
-Linen dates back to ancient Egypt, having been found in tombs
-80% of the world production of flax is of European origin.
-The role of flax in climate change is essential because its
manufacturing is an ecological alternative to cotton. Because it is a natural fiber
It is ecological, sustainable and biodegradable.
- If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, the linen fabric will not
It will cause no type of discomfort, on the contrary, it helps the skin.
- It releases negative ions that are the ones that heal. Rather, the fibers
synthetics decrease our biological defenses.
-The linen fiber has the capacity to absorb 20% of the humidity of its
dry weight. Cotton only contemplates 8.5%
-Sleeping on linen is the healthiest. It has been shown that with linen you sleep more
deeply, you rest more, your mood improves and your convalescence is shortened.
-Textile linen is one of the few fibers that eliminates and neutralizes
odors in the environment, maintaining a pleasant sensation that does not occur with
other fabrics. It is so resistant that boat sails have been made with it,
tarpaulins, bags, canvases...
- You would only need two sets of bedding, for your life....

Customer Reviews

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Carmen Gimenez Vilches
Muy bien

Buenas tardes. Los cojines ya los tenía iguales en diferentes medidas y estéticamente me encantan. A estos les daremos más uso que la mera decoración ya que apoyamos la cabeza mientras descansamos en el sofá, confío en que con el tiempo se mantengan bien, ya les contaré :))

Hola Carmen, ¡No solo se conservarán bien sino que estarán más bonitos a medida que pase el tiempo, ya lo verás! Un saludo del equipo dE.LENZO